From Our Presidents

The gloomy days of November are upon us; what a perfect time to spend quilting! I don’t know about the rest of you but I still have to decide what I am entering in our June show and calculating how much time it will take to get it (them) done. My family says I am the “Queen of Procrastination” and need deadlines to get anything done. I can’t imagine where they get that idea from! I hope everyone will enter one or more quilts in the show. Our show is about our members work and showcasing where we are at in our quilting journey. Some are at award winning levels but for the rest of us, we are joyously sewing away, with the support of family and friends, creating memories and good times.  All quilts are equally valuable to our show.

We are still looking for a CQA Liaison for our guild. The job is what you make of it – you would not have to stand up at meetings to report unless you wanted to. The idea is to gather information about what is going on with the CQA and to let them know what we are up to. For example, Quilt Canada 2018 is in Vancouver next year and the information about workshops and lectures is now up on their website.

Speaking of reps., it is never too early to start everyone thinking about volunteering for one of our executive positions. At our February AGM we will be voting for six positions, Vice-President, Treasurer, Programs, Communications (formerly Newsletter Editor), Librarian, and one Member-at-Large. Being on the Executive Board is a great way to get to know your fellow guild members. More details to follow from the Nominations Committee.

Happy quilting everyone and I hope to see you all at our Winter Social November 28.

Cheers, Kathryn


We had 74 members attending our October 24th Guild meeting, plus 3 new members and 4 guests, for a total of 81 attending.

The door prize winners were Jane Pannell and Karen Wong. Remember to wear your nametag if you would like to win a door prize; everyone who signs in has an opportunity to win. Nametags are available at the membership table for $1.00 each, if you forgot yours.

The guild currently has 110 members. If you did not receive your members list by email, please email me or let me know at the Membership desk, so that I can confirm that we have your correct email address.

Important Deadline, Dec 8/17: As our next wonderful Quilt Show will be on June 8 & 9, 2018, you must be a member in good standing by six months prior in order to submit quilts to the show. If you are a current member, don’t worry, you just need to renew when we begin renewals for 2018/19 in January 2018. If you did not renew and are not a current member this year, you probably recently received an email from me reminding you to renew before Dec 8/17 if you just forgot to do so. If you know anyone who has attended as a guest, or anyone you think might be interested in becoming a member, please let them know about this deadline – they can join and pay the pro-rated fee of $30 for new members by Dec 8th to be eligible to enter quilts in the show. We are always happy to have new members, so please think about anyone you could encourage to join – we want those quilts for our 2018 show!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Katherine Morgan, Membership Coordinator

Community Quilts

Hello everyone, we are back from a short Newsletter break!

We’ve had a specific request for some single bed and large lap quilts for Turning Point and Lookout.  The measurements should be: Twin min = 54” x72” (max 60”x80”)   and Lap = 42”x54”  Those sizes are also welcome elsewhere, so make as many as you like!  

When you show your community quilt at the meeting, you can win a prize!

  • one entry for cutting out the fabric for the kit
  • one entry for completing the top
  • one entry for quilting and finishing it.

That’s up to 3 entries for a quilt.  Some of you are finding it a lot of work to fill out all the entry forms, but you can’t win if you don’t do it!  Also please add a label to your community quilt! We usually have labels at the meeting along with a needle and thread for you to sew the label on during the meeting.

The Community Quilts Bee will be taking place on FEBRUARY 22, 23, 24, 2018. Basic hours are 9:30 to 4:00  Mark the date on your calendar now as there are only 2 meeting (Nov & Jan)  till then. We have access to the church, we have tables, we have a stash of fabric, we have batting…. ALL WE NEED IS YOU and your machine!  Please think about joining us for a day and making something wonderful!

Giving feels good!

Also if you can help with transporting the fabric and equipment to and from the locker please let us know as soon as possible. We will plan to have the order forms for “La Galleria” sandwiches for Fri/Sat.

Last 2 last items!

IF YOU NEED BATTING, please give us at least 2 weeks notice before the meeting, it’s a big roll located at the Locker and we have to plan ahead!

KITS, please consider taking one and please return any that you aren’t going to finish (no questions asked)

Thanks again everyone, I’m constantly amazed and proud of our guild’s generosity, so if no one has said it lately, YOU’RE AWESOME!

Karen and Brenda

Quilt Show Report

Preparations for our 2018 Quilt Show are in full swing so if you haven’t already been planning your entries it is time to start!

  • Our show will be held at the Capilano University Sportsplex on June 8th and 9th.
  • Quilt drop off will be June 8th
  • Registration will begin in January.
  • You must be a member in good standing as of the close of the Guild AGM February 26th 2018 to be eligible enter a quilt in the 2018 show.
  • To be eligible your quilt cannot have been hung in a public arena (store, show, display) in the lower mainland between June 1 2017 and the date of our show.
  • Each member is eligible to hang 3 quilts – ONE of which may be extra-large. As in the past extra-large quilts are hung on a “space available” basis and first registered are first eligible.

This show we are using technology to help with registration. JoAnn will be talking to us at our next meeting about using Google Forms via our website to register quilts. The process will be extensively tested prior to launching it so that we are confident that it is easy to use. This technology will make the registration process easier for members and volunteers alike. More information will be provided as we move forward.

There is a vacant spot on our committee that must be filled. Vicki Digby has moved to the island so isn’t able to carry on as Volunteer coordinator. Katherine Gillis has been Vicki’s right hand for this position for a number of shows and has agreed to assist the new coordinator. If you have reasonable computer and organizational skills please consider volunteering for this position. We cannot mount a show without volunteers.

I and everyone on my committee are looking forward to seeing your quilts hanging in all of their glory next June!


LGQG 2017/18 Quilt Challenge

What happened this month? Is it really November? Did something happen in recent months and then you realized “Oh my, that is how the light got into my life this month”. Did a new grandchild arrive? Did the golden colour of the trees catch you off guard and WOW you? Did you just learn to sew little slivers of light into your quilt? Well then, a challenge packet is your answer! I know, I know I said October was the last possible month to buy a challenge packet. Dorothy Porter has agreed to hold the remaining packets and sell them to you. Also, if you would like more fabric, you can buy a fat 1/8 from Dorothy for $2.50. Can’t wait to see everyone’s creative solutions to “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in”.

Thanks, Barbara

From Our Presidents

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you enjoyed a good Summer — in spite of the extremely hot weather, and the smoke & ash from the bush fires — a Summer with relax time, vacation time and time for your quilting projects.

We have a good year coming up, with plenty of opportunities to learn and participate in Guild activities, and have fun with your Guild friends. Between workshops, COPS days, Community Quilts weekend, the Retreat, our own Quilt Show and the CQA Show, there will be lots to keep us all busy. So decide what you want to do, sign up soon and pay up early. Don’t miss out, as space is sometimes limited. ( I’m so excited!! )

For Show ‘n Tell, please remember to use the mic and the small platform on the left side of the stage, and pass your quilts up to our helpers on the stage

In the interest of good communication, there will be a “Suggestion & Feedback Box” at the 50/50 Table. You can use this anytime to get a message to your Executive or simply send us an email. Since the Newsletter has been online for several months, we are interested in hearing from you. Can you navigate through the Newsletter easily? Can you find what you are looking for? Do you have any questions or need help with anything related to the Newsletter? Let us know and you will get a reply.

I heard we have an interesting Program for September (and someone whispered “bring money”).

If you have not yet renewed your Membership, you can still do so at the September meeting when you sign in.

See you on Sept 26th.

Karen Cooke, Co-President (with Kathryn Gillis)


We had 75 members attending our June Guild meeting, and 3 guests for a total of 78 attending.

The door prize winners were Sharon Willemse, Katherine Morgan, Rose Moore, Arlene Simpson and Elaine Fjoser. Prizes this month were compliments of the Programs Committee, and picked up on the meeting’s Zen Doodling presentation. Remember to wear your nametag if you would like to win a door prize; everyone who signs in has an opportunity to win. Nametags are available at the membership table for $1.00 each, if you forgot yours.

The guild currently has 105 members and the members list has just been emailed out. I apologize for the delay in sending this – first we moved and then my computer had what my tech guy (aka my husband) called a “catastrophic failure”. It took a while to recover and rebuild files on the new computer…but now it’s done and the list is sent.

Guests are always welcome at our Guild meetings. If you would like to join, we’d be delighted to have you! A membership form is on our Guild website. Just go along the headings at the top of the page and click on the ‘Members’ heading. Then go down to ‘join or renew’. This is a PDF file which will allow you to type in your information, print it off, sign it and then drop it off at the membership table with cash or a cheque for $60.00 made out to ‘Lions Gate Quilters Guild’ or ‘LGQG’. You can also pick up a form at the membership desk, and membership renewals and new registrations will be accepted at any meeting.

Thanks to those who volunteered to be a “Buddy” for a guest at a Guild meeting. It’s simple – just sign the volunteer list at the membership table. If a guest comes on their own, I will ask if they would like someone to show them around, and then I’ll call on a volunteer Buddy to welcome them, explain a bit about our Guild, then sit with them if they like, answer questions, and perhaps introduce them to some fellow quilters. Just to clarify, this is not a long-term commitment; it is simply to make sure that all of our guests know they are welcome at their first Guild meeting. Please think about sharing your love of quilting in this simple way.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Katherine Morgan, Membership Coordinator


Are you a new quilter or new to the guild and reluctant to participate in the challenge? For that matter, maybe you have been a member of the guild for years and have not taken advantage of this opportunity!

It is an opportunity! The required quilt is small. Small makes it possible to take a small risk and try techniques you have side stepped. Yes, there are rules but nothing says you can’t brainstorm your ideas with your quilting friends.

Surly, there was a crack somewhere where in your life this summer or earlier where the light got in and you paused for just a second. There is you quilt!

There are still challenge packets for sale and for just $5.00 one could be yours. Pin the fabric on you design wall and let your imagination lead you in a creative direction – maybe a quilting path you haven’t stitched along before.

See you at the challenge table.

Barbara Beatty


At the September meeting, we will accept registrations for both fall workshops that have already been announced. If space allows, registrations for Carola’s Free Motion Quilting with Rulers workshop will continue in October.   Here is the information once again.   Supply lists will be available at our next guild meeting.   Space is now limited, so please see Helen at the workshop table if you have not yet registered but wish to attend.

Freezer Paper Foundation Paper Piecing – by Dianne Ritter

Place: St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Date:   Saturday, October 14, 2017

Time:  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:   $40.00

Have you ever tried or wanted to try Foundation Paper Piecing because you love the accuracy of the technique but the thought of picking out all that paper made you run screaming?

June 1

What if there was a way to achieve the accuracy without all of the paper picking?

There is! Join Dianne for a day of Foundation Paper Piecing using freezer paper and when your block is complete you simply pull the freezer paper off.  No tearing, pulling at stitches or picking required.

We will work on a table runner that, while not too difficult, will give you a good foundation in the technique.

Free Motion Quilting with Rulers – Teacher: Carola Russell from Sechelt, BC

Place: St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Dates: Saturday November 25, 2017

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. [1/2 hour for lunch]

Cost:  $60.00

Come join us for a day of “Free Motion Quilting with Rulers” on your own standard sewing machine.  Carola will discuss everything you’ll need to know to get started on your machine. You will add ruler work to your repertoire! Rulers are a great way to perfect – “in the ditch” quilting, “navigate around corners”, “channel quilting” and make consistent shapes such as curves and circles.  Do not be intimidated by the description, this class is FUN for novices!

You will be required to purchase a “Ruler Foot” and “Ruler” or a “Ruler set” before the class, if you do not already have it.

Feet and rulers can be ordered from Carola before the hands-on class. You will receive a 15% discount on all regular priced supplies purchased from Carola.

Carola is also coming to lecture on this technique in our October program.  If you sign-up for this workshop in June or September, you will be able to order the required items from Carola in time.

Please supply the make and model of your sewing machine on sign-up.

For the Foot part:

  1. Current Bernina machines use the new #72 foot – known as the ruler foot.
  2. Most other machines can be fitted with one of the following Janome convertible free motion foot sets as follows:
  3. Part #202002003 High Shank (7mm) for $61.95 or,
  4. Part #202146001 High Shank (9mm) for $61.95 or,

iii. Part #202002004 Low Shank for $61.95

Plus the following attachment:

  1. Part #767434005 for $23.95 (Foot set part, this is the ruler work attachment that fits on the convertible foot noted above)

For the Ruler part:

For this class everyone will use the Versa tool from HandiQuilter.  It is a multi-purpose ruler and a great way to start.  Ruler is $39.99

A supply list will also be available at the sign-up table.

Happy quilting,

Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen.

From the President(s)

Looking forward to seeing you all at the June meeting.  If you haven’t heard, we’re making a small change to “Show ‘n Tell”.  The quilts will be handed up to people on the stage to be held up for all to see, and the owner of the quilt(s) will use the mike and a small (optional) platform that will be on the floor of the hall, next to the stairs at the left-hand side of the stage.  If the small platform does not feel comfortable for most of us to use, we will get a slightly larger one made for the Fall.

I can’t wait to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, and see photos and hear people’s memories of the earlier years of the Guild.  Show ‘n Tell should be great.  And the light refreshments … yummy!  Remember to bring back your Library books.  See you there!!

Karen Cooke, Co-President