From Our Presidents

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you enjoyed a good Summer — in spite of the extremely hot weather, and the smoke & ash from the bush fires — a Summer with relax time, vacation time and time for your quilting projects.

We have a good year coming up, with plenty of opportunities to learn and participate in Guild activities, and have fun with your Guild friends. Between workshops, COPS days, Community Quilts weekend, the Retreat, our own Quilt Show and the CQA Show, there will be lots to keep us all busy. So decide what you want to do, sign up soon and pay up early. Don’t miss out, as space is sometimes limited. ( I’m so excited!! )

For Show ‘n Tell, please remember to use the mic and the small platform on the left side of the stage, and pass your quilts up to our helpers on the stage

In the interest of good communication, there will be a “Suggestion & Feedback Box” at the 50/50 Table. You can use this anytime to get a message to your Executive or simply send us an email. Since the Newsletter has been online for several months, we are interested in hearing from you. Can you navigate through the Newsletter easily? Can you find what you are looking for? Do you have any questions or need help with anything related to the Newsletter? Let us know and you will get a reply.

I heard we have an interesting Program for September (and someone whispered “bring money”).

If you have not yet renewed your Membership, you can still do so at the September meeting when you sign in.

See you on Sept 26th.

Karen Cooke, Co-President (with Kathryn Gillis)