LGQG 2017/18 Quilt Challenge

What happened this month? Is it really November? Did something happen in recent months and then you realized “Oh my, that is how the light got into my life this month”. Did a new grandchild arrive? Did the golden colour of the trees catch you off guard and WOW you? Did you just learn to sew little slivers of light into your quilt? Well then, a challenge packet is your answer! I know, I know I said October was the last possible month to buy a challenge packet. Dorothy Porter has agreed to hold the remaining packets and sell them to you. Also, if you would like more fabric, you can buy a fat 1/8 from Dorothy for $2.50. Can’t wait to see everyone’s creative solutions to “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in”.

Thanks, Barbara

LGQG 2017-18 Challenge

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” (Anthem, Leonard Cohen)

OK! I am still looking for YOU if you haven’t yet taken the leap and bought your challenge packet. There are just a few left and I hope to leave the October meeting with no challenge packets! For $5, the packet includes a generous piece of the challenge fabric, and the guidelines and entry form. Money collected covers costs and prizes!

Barbara Beatty
Quilt Show Challenge Coordinator


Are you a new quilter or new to the guild and reluctant to participate in the challenge? For that matter, maybe you have been a member of the guild for years and have not taken advantage of this opportunity!

It is an opportunity! The required quilt is small. Small makes it possible to take a small risk and try techniques you have side stepped. Yes, there are rules but nothing says you can’t brainstorm your ideas with your quilting friends.

Surly, there was a crack somewhere where in your life this summer or earlier where the light got in and you paused for just a second. There is you quilt!

There are still challenge packets for sale and for just $5.00 one could be yours. Pin the fabric on you design wall and let your imagination lead you in a creative direction – maybe a quilting path you haven’t stitched along before.

See you at the challenge table.

Barbara Beatty

2017 PhDs (UFOs) Challenge Completed!

Thank you to all the people who entered the PhD challenge – there were 286 entries and 112 completions – that’s 19060.50 inches of finished quilts, plus a few quilting-related odds and ends that proved more difficult to measure.

Prizes of $100 each for the most inches went to Dorothy Porter  with her astounding 1942 inches of quilts and to Jane Ellis with 1594 inches. The prize for most projects completed, again $100, went to Chris Gardner with 14 items completed. Dorothy and Chris also won in the community quilts category.

Most inches for quilts made for community quilt went to Mona Morrison (700 cq inches), Chris Gardner (694 cq inches) and Dorothy Porter (1162 cq inches).

In addition, there were four random draws of $50 each where one ticket per completed project went into the basket. We recorded the names during the draw and then promptly lost the piece of paper – if you won, please let me know and I’ll update this accordingly.

Quilt Challenge

Next year is our quilt show, and as usual, there will be a challenge! Barbara Beatty will announce details at our next meeting. Bring a loonie or twonie to get your challenge kit with a piece of the theme fabric, and get started now. Proceeds will cover your kit and prizes for the quilts that best rise to the challenge!

Row by Row Mystery

Intrigued by Row by Row quilts? How about a Mystery Row by Row?

Starting in January 2017 I will present a Row by Row that I have designed especially for our guild. A new row will be presented each month from January through May then in June the final rows will be presented to be completed over the summer and fall. In November we will have a big reveal of your beautiful quilts at our final meeting of the year.

Techniques used will be piecing, foundation paper piecing (don’t worry there will be instructions given, links to great tutorials plus support at COPS day every month) and machine applique. I promise nothing will be too difficult for a beginner to expert quilter.

You will probably be able to source all materials, with the exception of your background fabric, from your stash. Solids, tone on tone, batik, hand dies and smaller prints will all work for this project.

That’s it. See? Not complicated at all.

Sign up begins at the October meeting. Cost will be $10

I have enjoyed designing this project and hope you will join me in the mystery or our Row by Row.


Inspiration Challenge

The name “Inspiration Challenge” says it all.

Packaging, clothing, curtains, a book cover, a building… anything at all that inspires you to create a quilt.

How it works:

  • Register at the September and October meetings.
  • Bring both the quilt and the inspiration (or a photo of it) to the November social. Because of the short time frame, just the quilt top needs to be finished.

Fee: $1.

No restriction on size or type of quilt. Prizes will be by popular vote (via secret ballot) at the November meeting.

Challenge: PhDs (UFOs)

Get an early start on those presents you began LAST year, plus all those other unfinished projects we know you have stashed away, because we have them too.

How it works:

  • Register your PhDs at the September, October and November meetings.
  • First chance to show your completed quilts will be at the show and tell in October, last chance in May.
  • The winners will be announced at the June social.

Fee: $2 for each PhD registered.

As usual, the person who finishes the most quilts will win the big cash prize, but we’ll be mixing it up with other categories, such as most completed PhDs donated to Community Quilts, and more chances to win.

Challenge Quilt Update

The months have flown by and here we are closing in on the 2016 quilt show.

Here are reminders about the challenge rules and what need to happen this month:

  • Check the other rules that were attached to your challenge entry form.
  • Your entry form must be handed in by the April guild meeting on April 26, 2016.  There will be a challenge table at the meeting.  If you can not get to the meeting you can email your entry form to me
  • Made a quilt and lost your entry form?  Email me and we can sort it out.
  • Drop off and pick up your quilt at the same times and place as for the main show.

Members of the public and guild members will be able to vote for their favourite challenge quilt.  There will be a viewer’s choice ribbon

At the May meeting prizes purchased with the entry fees will be given to the winner of viewer’s choice for the challenge and the runner up.

See you in April
Barbara Beatty

Quilt Show Challenge

Is your challenge quilt made? Do you need another entry form for the challenge? Have you come up with another winning quilt? If yes, email me at: quiltshowchallenge@lionsgatequiltersguild.com

A few reminders:

  • Remember, your entry form needs to be handed in at the April meeting. Your quilt will be dropped off and picked up at the same time as the rest of the quilts for the show.
  • As challenge quilts will be narrower than 48 inches please follow the hanging rules for smaller quilts. Check your January and February newsletters for the quilt committee’s hanging advice.

I can’t wait to see what you clever quilters are making for the challenge.

Barbara Beatty