Community Quilts

Can I donate fabric from my stash to Community Quilts?

That’s a question we hear a lot. And YES, you can, BUT we ask that you follow the SIMPLE guidelines below. We value the hard work people do and want to use the best materials to ensure that the work will last and provide comfort to the recipients.

Is your donation:

  1. 100% quilting cotton
  2. At least half a metre/yard in length (full yardage, no fussy cut hexagons or dog heads missing)
  3. Suitable colours and patterns for those in care (nursing homes, extended care/hospice, psychiatric care, children’s ward, NICU unit)
  4. “FRESH”. Fabrics that are older, have been stored or folded for long periods of time, may not be useable as they may have deteriorated and will not hold up under repeated washings. Do a strength test.  If you can tear it easily with your hands or it’s threadbare/ faded, please use it for another purpose.
  5. If you don’t have yardage, can YOU pre-cut (5”,6.5” or 10” squares) and donate those to be used for eye spy, or similar scrappy quilts?

If the answer to any of those questions is NO, then we are not able to use it.  We have limited space to store fabrics, and limited time to organize donations.

There are a few suggestions of places that may accept your fabrics, please track Karen down at a meeting and she can let you know. And if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see for kits, please let us know.  We’ve heard “better colours” so far; let us know what you think about our patterns. Sizes? Do you prefer to do a top only?

Don’t forget to enter the draw, when you donate a quilt!

We look forward to seeing lots of faces at the Community Quilts work bee!  I’ve said it before, but I am constantly amazed by how many quilts our guild donates each year. Thank you in advance for your care and generosity!

Karen and Brenda

Reminder of Free table etiquette:

  1. Bring whatever items you like to the free table.
  2. TAKE HOME items that are not re-homed.
  3. It’s just that simple.

Community Quilts

Hello everyone, we are back from a short Newsletter break!

We’ve had a specific request for some single bed and large lap quilts for Turning Point and Lookout.  The measurements should be: Twin min = 54” x72” (max 60”x80”)   and Lap = 42”x54”  Those sizes are also welcome elsewhere, so make as many as you like!  

When you show your community quilt at the meeting, you can win a prize!

  • one entry for cutting out the fabric for the kit
  • one entry for completing the top
  • one entry for quilting and finishing it.

That’s up to 3 entries for a quilt.  Some of you are finding it a lot of work to fill out all the entry forms, but you can’t win if you don’t do it!  Also please add a label to your community quilt! We usually have labels at the meeting along with a needle and thread for you to sew the label on during the meeting.

The Community Quilts Bee will be taking place on FEBRUARY 22, 23, 24, 2018. Basic hours are 9:30 to 4:00  Mark the date on your calendar now as there are only 2 meeting (Nov & Jan)  till then. We have access to the church, we have tables, we have a stash of fabric, we have batting…. ALL WE NEED IS YOU and your machine!  Please think about joining us for a day and making something wonderful!

Giving feels good!

Also if you can help with transporting the fabric and equipment to and from the locker please let us know as soon as possible. We will plan to have the order forms for “La Galleria” sandwiches for Fri/Sat.

Last 2 last items!

IF YOU NEED BATTING, please give us at least 2 weeks notice before the meeting, it’s a big roll located at the Locker and we have to plan ahead!

KITS, please consider taking one and please return any that you aren’t going to finish (no questions asked)

Thanks again everyone, I’m constantly amazed and proud of our guild’s generosity, so if no one has said it lately, YOU’RE AWESOME!

Karen and Brenda

Community Quilts

Hello “Community of Quilters”,

Thanks Anita for all your contributions, you‘ve done a great job as president. We’re glad that you’re still going to be able to come and be a part of the guild as your time allows!

We wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to make our Community Quilts weekend a great success. We have such a great group; fetching at the storage locker, setup at the church, organizing supplies, baked goods and treats, and then packing it all up again! Thanks to everyone who makes it possible, It takes a lot of work.

And thank you to those of you that made the time to come out and sew! We had 21 people Thursday, 24 on Friday and 18 on Saturday, that’s 63 person days! I don’t know if anyone completed a whole quilt from start to finish, but we had lots of people working very hard! I saw lots of creativity and innovation, as people put things together.

March meeting: We will have a few kits available if you weren’t able to make the workshop, and we’ll show some finished quilts then they will be distributed.

A reminder: quilt sizes are:

  • Wee babe-16×20 or 18×24
  • Baby -36 x40
  • Child/ Lap -42 x54
  • Single bed -54 x72

Thanks again, Karen Marshall and Brenda Sangster your CO-Presidents!

Community Quilts


Please mark your calendars for Community Quilt days March 2-4 at St. Andrews St. Stephens Church, 27th and Chesterfield for our annual gathering. It is a great way to meet other guild members and help us make the beautiful quilts we are continually asked for.

All help is appreciated, we have lots of easy patterns and if you are trying to learn to machine quilt babies are not at all critical 😃😃
We hope to be able to have the sandwiches available for purchase Friday and Saturday but orders must be in before 10. Anyone who loves to bake , your fellow quilters will surely appreciate you!

Quilt sizes are:

  • Wee babe-16×20 or 18×24
  • Baby -36 x40
  • Child/ Lap -42 x54
  • Single bed -54 x72

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.



Community Quilts

Thank you to everyone for the quilts we received. We are collecting primarily for LGH intensive care nursery winter theme great this month but all donations welcome.

Turning Point Ladies Lodge asked about some quilts for Christmas presents but I don’t believe we will be able to do that this year.

Please let me know if you need batting at 604-220-5523 and I will bring it to the November meeting.

Please mark your calendars with Community Quilt days March 2,3,4 we will be sewing every day. Quilt sizes are:

  • Wee babe-16×20 or 18×24
  • Baby -36 x40
  • Child/ Lap -42 x54
  • Single bed -54 x72

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.


Community Quilts

Thank you to everyone for the finished quits, especially Joan Gold ,Trudy Jaskela and Rita Douglas; we received more than 20 quilts. Louis Bovet is delivering 2 quilts to the Hospice and 7 to Kiwanis care Centre. I have had a request for more quilts for Turning Point Lodge. We have 2 that are appropriate and I will try to get them delivered soon. There are always requests. Please note the sizes we need listed below. Also if you are in need of batting let me know please – I will try to bring some batting to the next meeting. Messages can be left at 604-220-5523.

Quilt sizes

Wee baby 16×20 or 18×24

Baby 36×40

Lap/ child 42x 54

Single bed 54x 72

Thank you all for your help.


Community Quilts

Congratulations… we gave away 74 quilts January to July this year! Please bring any quilts you have to the meeting for collection, I will be there with some kits for you to peruse and please remember we try to take some Xmas baby quilts for Lions Gate Hospital NICU. Please contact me at, if you need batting. You can also leave a phone message with Joan Elliott of sizes needed. Hope everyone had a good summer, looking forward to the meeting.

Thank you,
Anita Jones- Gould

Community Quilts

Thank you to everyone who made a quilt for us. It was great to have some community quilts to line the entrance and tea hall at the show. We received lots of positive feedback on them. One delighted mom brought her Christmas baby and the quilt she received and wanted to thank the person who made it. I said I couldn’t tell who had made it but we were all glad she felt so strongly about thanking us. We are now working on our next collection so please if you are looking for a summer project pick up a quilt kit from the Community quilt table. I also have batting and if you need a piece please contact me with a size either by phone or email to and I will bring it to the meeting.

Anita Jones-Gould

2016 Raffle Quilt Winners

Two ladies on the North Shore won our 2016 Raffle Quilts.


Our first winner is Maebritte Jeffels, who is 95 years young, living at Evergreen House and is still as bright as a new penny.  She was very happy with her new quilt and informed us, she has never won anything like this before.  Maebritte bought her ticket, when we were selling tickets at Lions Gate Hospital and wanted to support our Community Quilts program.  She sees the quilts donated by our Guild and the joy they bring to the residents at Evergreen House.

raffle1The second winner is Katherine Bennett, who lives in Lynn Valley.  Katherine bought her ticket from Katherine Gillis of our Guild and had not viewed the quilts prior to winning.  She was very pleased when Suzanne delivered the white modern quilt to her home, and loved the back as much as the front.

Both, very pleased ladies, are pictured with their winning quilts!

Raffle tickets sales raised over $3,000.00 (net) for the Community Quilts programs.  A BIG thank you to all the Guild members who helped to sell raffle tickets to their friends and family.  Guild member tickets sales represented 54% of total tickets sold.

The Raffle Quilt Committee, of Betty Clarke, Suzanne Patchell, Norine McCaffrey and myself, are now retiring.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time on this Committee for the past four years and our best wishes go out to the next group.

Becky West
Raffle Quilt Coordinator