From the President(s)

Looking forward to seeing you all at the June meeting.  If you haven’t heard, we’re making a small change to “Show ‘n Tell”.  The quilts will be handed up to people on the stage to be held up for all to see, and the owner of the quilt(s) will use the mike and a small (optional) platform that will be on the floor of the hall, next to the stairs at the left-hand side of the stage.  If the small platform does not feel comfortable for most of us to use, we will get a slightly larger one made for the Fall.

I can’t wait to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, and see photos and hear people’s memories of the earlier years of the Guild.  Show ‘n Tell should be great.  And the light refreshments … yummy!  Remember to bring back your Library books.  See you there!!

Karen Cooke, Co-President