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About Us

All members of the Lions Gate Quilters’ Guild are also members of the Lions Gate Community Quilts Society.  This is a separate society, because the BC Government has rules about where the funds from the raffle quilt are allocated.  Community Quilts is funded by raffling a guild-made quilt at our shows, held every two years.

Community Quilts has a long history of encouraging Guild members to provide community service by creating quilts for shelters, extended care facilities and individuals in times of crisis.

The Society holds a Community Quilts Workshop once a year from Thursday to Saturday.  There are kits available for sewing, fabrics and batting available for creating from scratch, and lots of people to help.  People can bring their own fabrics and experiment with techniques. It’s a creative and social time!

We always welcome quilts that members make and donate from their own stash.

There are also kits available to sign out at Guild meetings.

The following are some of the organizations who appreciate our quilts: Lions Gate Hospital Cancer Clinic, Infant Intensive Care (NICU), Children’s Ward, Evergreen Extended Care, Hospice, Lookout Emergency Aid Shelter and Turning Point Recovery.

Contact the Community Quilts Coordinators
Constitution & Bylaws (October 2018)

Quilt Sizes

Wee Baby:  16″ X 20″ or 18″ X 24″
Baby:  36″ X 40″
Wheelchair:  36″ X 40″
Child or Lap:  42″ X 54″
Twin:  54″ X 72″

Top 10 Reasons to Contribute

1.  It feels good to volunteer.
2.  You make a difference in someone’s life.
3.  You use up stash you don’t want (or let Community Quilts provide fabric and batting).
4.  You get to try something new… like a new colour combination or pattern.
5.  You can practise machine quilting – it only needs to be nice, not perfect!
6.  At the workshop, you can learn from other quilters.
7.  There’s great cameraderie at the workshop!
8.  There’s no risk on your own materials.
9.  There’s no cost to you other than time spent.
10. It’s FUN 🙂

All our quilts are made from the heart!

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