Quilt Show

Join us!

Friday and Saturday June 16-17 from 9am to 5pm at the Capliano University Sportsplex. Admission is $10 and children under 12 are free!

There will be a Tea room, a large merchant mall, raffle quilt, members boutique with lovely handmade items, a kids scavenger hunt, awarded ribbons, an education/demo area and a tribute to our departed quilter friends.

Venue details: Capilano University Centre for Sport and Wellness has level access from the south entrance (closest to the long term parking lot), accessible washrooms, paid parking onsite (credit card or Pay by Phone App). Families, strollers, mobility aids all welcome!

We are excited to show you almost 250 Quilts all made by our members. We’d love to see you there!

Raffle Quilt

This beautiful quilt was pieced by Doree Piercy and quilted by Carol Chernov, Sonia Milanez, expertly completed a finishing binding.   Thank you ladies for a fabulous raffle quilt!

Raffle Quilt tickets for this quilt are $20.00 for each book of 10 tickets.  (An individual ticket is $2.00.)   They are available for purchase from Lions Gate Quilters Guild Members, or email the Raffle Quilt Coordinator to make arrangements. Just think it could be yours for less than the cost of a coffee!

Hanging a Quilt in the Show

In order to hang a quilt in the show, you must be a member of Lions Gate Quilters Guild.  Members may hang up to 4 quilts. Please use this link to register a quilt to hang in our show.

All quilts in the show must have a hanging sleeve. For a quick tutorial on how to make a hanging sleeve watch this video from Fons and Porter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NO70_ENjQk

Sleeve Instructions:

  • For quilts up to 48”wide – use a 2” sleeve. Set the sleeve 2” back from the edges of the quilt
  • For quilts between 48 1/4” and 72” wide – use a 3” sleeve. Set the sleeve 2” back from the edges of the quilt. NOTE: if you have already attached a 4” sleeve to a quilt larger than 48” please don’t worry about changing it, we will cope. For quilts under 48” a sleeve larger than 2” doesn’t work.
  • For quilts above 72” wide – use a 4” sleeve. Set the sleeve 3” back from the edges of the quilt. Sleeves MUST be sewn on. No pins. No glue. Be sure to end off stitching with a knot so the weight of the quilt doesn’t pull out the stitching.
  • Your name and phone number must be written in ink on the right hand side of the sleeve.

You will also need to provide a 1/2″ dowel for any quilt that is less than 48″. Screw eye hooks will be provided on request.

  1. Purchase a ½” dowel available at Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire
  2. Cut your dowel the length of your hanging sleeve PLUS ½”. If you ask Rona or Home Depot they will usually cut it to length for you.
  3. Install the hooks at the ends of the rod. If you need help with this bring to the May meeting
  4. Insert the rod into the sleeve
  5. To attach the rod to the quilt, use a ribbon or scrap strip of material. Tie one end to an eye hook and use a small safety pin to attach the other end to the sleeve. This will ensure your dowel remains with your quilt. Keep the ribbon short enough that it isn’t visible from the front of the quilt
  6. To transport your quilt to the venue gently roll it -right side facing out to prevent wrinkles – and bring it to drop off. We will supply plastic bags to protect it.

Boutique Sales

If you are busy making items for sale at our boutique, please download and read these two important documents.  One is the Instructions, the other is the inventory form. 

Boutique Instructions 2023


A Thank You to the Committee

Diane L(Treasurer)
Krista H and Elaine F(Boutique)
Andrea C(Descriptions)
Pat G (Education)
Leslie R(Vendors)
Paula B (Photography)
Linda H (Publicity)
Carol C(Quilt Hanging)
Leslie C (Lobby Set Up)
JoAnn L(Registration)
Shauna D and Betty M (Layout/Setup/Takedown)

Becky (Raffle Quilt)

Carolann F
Quilt Show Coordinator

Email the Quilt Show Coordinator