Our April Newsletter is now available

Just in case it didn’t pop up in your inbox… our April Newsletter has been emailed to all members!

It includes important info for those who’ve registered quilts for our show, including hanging instructions, how you can help with publicity, boutique items, volunteers and more. There’s also a Challenge Update.

The Workshops ladies have announced a new class… be sure to check it out! AND: we have a COPS Day coming up on April 28th. Sign up at the meeting or contact Marsha at mgmackay55@hotmail.com.

Just a reminder that our next meeting is Tuesday, April 24th, and the speaker this time is Carola Russell of Carola’s Quilt Shop Threads.Our guild is also supporting the #QuiltsForBroncos initiative following the tragic bus accident in Saskatchewan. Stitch and Bobbin will be collecting contributions and shipping them to SK in the first week of May.

Read the April Newsletter now!

Happy quilting,
Penny Nelson






Presidents Message

Good news! As of February 17, we have nominees for three of the six executive positions up for grabs at our AGM– bad news is; we are missing three nominees for the remaining executive positions.  Our current Treasurer and Librarian have both expressed interest in putting their names forward for their positions for another two year term and someone else has put their name in the hat for Member-at-large. That leaves Vice-President, Programs, and Communications open for nominees.

For those of you who are wondering if you have what it takes to be on the executive let me ask you this: If not you, then who? Who out there enjoys our monthly meetings but thinks maybe there is something new and better we could be trying? Perhaps you have discussed with your friends about something up and coming that you would love to see at our meetings. Well grab those friends, form a committee, and put a name forward for the Programs position.

On the other hand, do you like to work more on your own? Do you like to sit in front of your computer and search the internet for interesting blogs or “how to” videos. Do you really enjoy visiting quilting websites and have ideas about how ours should look. Then do we have a position for you. Our Communications person (previously Newsletter Editor) will be responsible for communicating with our members through our website and email to keep everyone engaged with our guild and with quilting.

Finally I come to the position of Vice-President. The VP job is very important but if everything in the guild is running smoothly there is very little stress in the job. Just because you are the VP does not mean you have to run for President. The VP is someone who can step in and help where help is needed. They collect the mail and are responsible for the storage locker. If you are someone new to the quid or are thinking you would like to meet more people, then this is a good position to hold. Don’t be shy! Our guild needs you!

Please take time to review the guild proposed budget and the community quilts proposed budget (and financial statements for the year end) sent out in an email earlier this month. Both budgets will be voted on at the AGM. Our proposed changes to the by-laws (sent out by email earlier this month) will also be voted on. If you did not receive these items, please ask for them and we will resend a copy.

Our February meeting will be busy. Along with the elections and program we will be getting our first look at the Raffle Quilt for our upcoming show. (I heard raffle tickets might be available.) Quilt registration is continuing online and paper only registration is available at our next couple of meetings. The deadline for quilt registration is March 31/18. Be sure to watch for show volunteer registration coming online soon. Remember to renew your membership – you have until March 27/18 to renew to be able to show quilts in this year’s show. New members have until Feb 27/18 to join. All this information and more is on our website.

Don’t forget that Community Quilts days are February 22 – 24. Hope to see you there!

Kathryn Gillis

Membership Report

We had 71 members attending our January 23rd Guild meeting, plus 4 guests, for a total of 75 attending. One of the guests joined the Guild at the mid-meeting break!

The door prize winners were Cathy Keely (a guest) and member Linda Dunlop. Remember to wear your nametag if you would like to win a door prize; everyone who signs in have an opportunity to win. Nametags are available at the membership table for $1.00 each, if you forgot yours.

Membership Renewals: The Membership Registration/Renewal Forms for 2018 – 2019 are now posted on our website. Fees for the coming year are $80, which includes 4 tickets for this year’s Quilt Show. To make renewal easier, please take a moment to fill out and download the form, and bring it to the meeting along with your payment – easy! There will also be forms available at the Membership desk if you prefer. As usual, this year’s form asks you to check off whether or not you consent to your name, address and phone number being put on the list distributed to non-Executive members. New this year, we are also asking if you agree to share your email address for the same purpose (Guild business between Guild members), so please check yes or no for that as well.

At our January 23rd Guild meeting, 40 members already renewed their membership for the 2018 – 2019 membership year – thank you all! Remember, our membership year goes to the end of February, and you must be a member in good standing as of the close of the Guild AGM on February 27th 2018 to be eligible to enter a quilt in the 2018 show. Please take care of your membership renewal this month; we need those quilts in our show…and we need you in our Guild!

Also new, the Executive has voted to up the fee for guests at Guild meetings. We will continue to welcome guests to their first meeting at no charge. They are then welcome to come as guests two more times for $10 per meeting, after which we encourage them to join our Guild.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Katherine Morgan, Membership Coordinator

Quilt Show 2018

With our quilt show a mere 4 ½ months away it is time to start gearing up! Our focus this month is on quilt registration. All of the information you require for registering your quilts is up on the website and JoAnn Lee has the following info to share:

Quilt Show registration is now open!

I am excited to start receiving your quilt registrations for our show. I am hoping many of you will use on-line form to register your quilts.

Some of the benefits of on-line registration are:

  • you will receive an email confirmation immediately after you have submitted your registration so when it is time to make the quilt label you will have all the information you need.
  • The form also allows you to make edits to your registration (in case you made a typo, or decide you have a better name for the quilt 5 minutes later).
  • This form creates a spreadsheet of the data that is used by multiple sub committees thereby saving time and potential errors.

A few really important points about quilt show registration:

  • Online registration is really encouraged. In person registration will happen at the January 23, February 27, and March 27 Paper forms will be available at the meetings ONLY.
  • No registrations will be accepted after March 31st.
  • Your registration is not complete until your photo is received (and payment for the photo if required)
  • All photos MUST be 4” by 6” on PHOTO PAPER. They must also accurately show the colours of the quilt. Our layout team uses the photos to determine how the show is hung. If the colours are not correctly represented it can radically change how the show is hung, creating a more difficult set up day.
  • To register online follow this link to complete your registration.
  • https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJRb4s7UpsVmoeP9sr0fi54gfQBDczX5sG8kK7VXv4vxWUGQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Krista Hennebury is in charge of our boutique:

Once again it is time to get creative and start production on your boutique items! Our boutique has a wonderful reputation among show visitors for offering high quality sewn, knit, quilted and other items for sale! I hope we will once again offer a beautiful selection to our visitors. Consider baby quilts, placemats, napkin sets, tea cozies, mug rugs, pin cushions, bibs, stuffed toys, scarves, hats, baby sweaters, mittens, seasonal wall-hangings, bookmarks, sewing-themed greeting cards, draw-string bags, totes, fold-up grocery bags, Christmas gift bags, wine bags, project envelopes, project pouches, jewelry. **Just no food items please**. We can also display a limited number of larger quilts and have sold up to twin sized at the last two shows. If you have any questions about the suitability of anything you’d like to offer in the boutique, or you’d like to request an inventory form, just email me krista(dot)hennebury(at)shaw(dot)ca.

Carol Piercy has stepped into the role of Volunteer coordinator:

We will be registering to volunteer via our website this year. As with quilt registration this will enable us to more easily track who is volunteering, assign shifts and ensure proper coverage and reduce the number of hours it takes to accomplish those tasks.

Carol will have more info for you on the process next month but in the meantime please look at your calendars and sort out which days you can volunteer during the show. Without a strong compliment of volunteers our show simply doesn’t work. Also remember that for every two hour shift you complete your name is entered into the Volunteer Prize Draw.

Hanging a quilt in the show

We will once again be asking you to supply a dowel for any quilt 48” or less in width. The guild will supply the proper sized eye hooks and make them available at meetings from January to April. Information about sleeve size etc. can be found on the guild website or on the hardcopy registration forms available from JoAnn at the January, February and March meetings.

If you are new to the guild or if you have hesitated in the past to enter a quilt I encourage you to do so. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone or by email via the guild website.

I have 4 quilts slated for entry, I just need to concentrate on completing them! I hope you are well on the way to having yours completed as well.

Happy Quilting!

Dianne Ritter, Quilt Show coordinator

From Your Presidents

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season; enjoying time with friends and family. Now it is back to reality and time to get busy finishing our quilts for our upcoming Quilt Show. I am hearing some amazing plans for our show and I had a sneak peek at our raffle quilt which will be unveiled at our February Meeting – you won’t want to miss it!

February is also the month for our Elections and Annual General Meeting. We will need to vote on our new Constitution and By-Laws that have been streamlined to comply with the new government regulations. You will be emailed information regarding this at the beginning of February. Please take the time to read it before the Feb. 27 meeting. Along with that vote, we also need to elect some new executive members. Thank you to all who have volunteered already. Our guild is run on volunteers so it is difficult to twist the arms of people who already do so much and have for so long. However, we need a full executive. Each position does not have to be done alone – many are done by committee with one person acting as the executive member. Please think about it and talk to current executive members to see what it involves. One position of special note is our new Communications position formerly known as Newsletter Editor. If you love working on computers and working on websites then this is the position for you. At the January meeting our Communications, Member-at-Large and Programs executive members will talk about their positions

On the correspondence front, we received an email from the All In Stitches Quilt Guild in Everett, Washington, inviting us to come to their Quilt Show. Starting Thursday, April 26, they have two full days of activities including classes, make’n’take, shops, book signings, and of course, quilts. On the Friday night, their keynote speaker is the renowned Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry. For more information, tickets, and registration visit : http://www.AllInStitchesWA.org

Our next meeting is January 23 featuring a new talk from Barb Mortell regarding Art Leap. Check out programs for more details.



January Extravaganza – Make-one, Take-one!

Date:                           Saturday, January 20, 2018

Time:                          9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Location:                    St. Stephen’s Parish, 24th Street and Mountain Highway

Cost:                           $25.00

Join us on Saturday January 20, 2018 at St. Stephen’s Parish Church for our annual extravaganza!   We will work on one of the bright and cheerful fat-quarter quilts by Emma Jean Jansen, the author of the ‘By the Bundle’ book (with her approval and generosity to use the pattern). We will create a lovely scrap version, play a game of make-one, take-one, and prizes. Come join in the camaraderie, bring a sweet, savoury, or fruit/veggies to share and be prepared for a fun filled day with many surprises!

You can also use this day to work on your own project, or a community quilt.   The more the merrier for this event! We’d like to fill the hall with busy quilters.

Workshop – Say it with Flowers!

Teacher:                     Leslie Forbes

Date:                           Friday and Saturday, March 23-24, 2018

Time:                          9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location:                    St. Agnes Anglican, 530 12th St. E. North Vancouver

Cost:                           $100.00

Misty-Fuse:                TBC

Class size:                 Maximum 15 participants

Join us for a two day workshop with Leslie Forbes using raw edge techniques and misty-fuse, along with exploring the use of value to bring a floral or floral grouping to life!    Take one of your favourite colour photos, enlarge it to 22” x 22” or a variation of this (easy to do at your local Staples shop), print another copy in black and white to help with seeing value, and before you know it you will have created a beautiful and dimensional quilt.  This could be done in cotton or silk. Her completed version was part of the Show and Tell items that were presented at our October guild meeting.

Workshop: Two Level Tote Bag

Teacher:                     Krista Hennebury

Date:                           May 12, 2018

Time:                          9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location:                    St. Agnes Anglican, 530 12th St. E., North Vancouver

Cost:                           $50.00

Kit cost:                      $25.00 – Includes pattern, leather handles, magnetic latch, rivets.

Add. Kits:                   $20.00 – Leather handles, magnetic latch, rivets only.

This design grew out of my experience making many purses, bags and totes designed by others. I wanted a stylish every-day bag that didn’t have a lot of complicated hardware, closures or heavy structure; one that could accommodate a few extra things that I’d need for traveling or hold a few purchases made throughout the day. It is the perfect pattern for a sewist looking to learn new bag-making skills. The bag is constructed from two outer fabrics; pair a few cotton canvas or home-décor print on the upper level with cork, waved canvas, lightweight leather or vinyl on the lower level.

Skills to learn; zipper window, sewing with heavy materials like cork, leather, waxed canvas or vinyl, installing rivets and magnetic snaps, top-stitching, boxing corners.

Happy Quilting,

Susan and Helen

Upcoming Positions

As you know, our AGM is coming up in February 2018 and six Executive positions will be open for election. We hope you will give serious consideration to letting your name stand for one of them. Those of us who have done so in the past can attest to the fun we have had and the new friendships that have been made. If there is a position you think you might be interested in, make a point of finding out more about it from the person or people currently in it. You may be surprised to find out that it is not as daunting as it may first appear.

The positions open for election are:


The Vice-President takes over the duties of the President in the absence of the President. He or she also oversees the storage locker and the post office box.


The treasurer looks after all the financial business of the guild. That business includes preparing year-end financial statements, any required tax returns, preparation of draft and final budgets, and presenting financial and budget details at the AGM.

Communication Coordinator (formerly Newsletter Editor)

The Communication Coordinator is responsible for compiling the content of the newsletter each month and posting it on the website, and for sending communications to all guild members via email. This person is the primary contact for Advertisers (retail and guild members) for questions and updates to advertisements. Email communication entails forwarding emails on behalf of the Executive and those holding Volunteer positions in the guild. The Communication Coordinator is also the backup contact for Membership Lists when the Membership person is not available.


The person responsible for the library puts out the books for each meeting and stores them away afterwards. They record books in and out, collect library fines, purchase new books for the library, cull outdated books, and organize the Annual Book Sale.


There are two Member-at-Large positions, each serving a two year term. One new Member-at-Large is elected each year. The Member-at-Large greets people arriving at guild meetings, looks after the 50/50 raffle which includes applying for the annual license, assists with Show and Tell, keeps and monitors the Suggestion/Feedback box and gives entries to the President, and is another avenue for members to communicate with the guild Executive. They also communicate congratulations or condolences to fellow guild members on behalf of the guild. In the second year of his or her term, the Member-at-Large is the Nominating Committee Coordinator for the upcoming elections.

Program Coordinator and Committee

The Program Coordinator and members of the Program Committee are responsible for planning the educational part of our Guild meetings. They contact speakers to determine availability and cost, and are responsible for all correspondence with them, determining if special equipment or setup is required. (A list of speakers and presenters is available from the local Guild gatherings.) Committee members assist speakers when they arrive at our meetings, and introduce them. The Program Coordinator attends the Executive meetings. Programs will already be finalized until June 2018.

We have a very talented group of people in our guild. We hope you will consider sharing your talents with your guild by putting your name forward for one of these Executive positions.



We had 67 members attending our November 28th Guild meeting, plus 1 guest, for a total of 68 attending. The guild currently has 118 members.

The door prize winners were Pam Kaiway and Shauna Dennert. Remember to wear your nametag if you would like to win a door prize; everyone who signs in has an opportunity to win. Nametags are available at the membership table for $1.00 each, if you forgot yours.

Important Deadline, Feb 8/18: As our next wonderful Quilt Show will be on June 8 & 9, 2018, anyone joining as a new member must do so by four months prior in order to submit quilts to the show. If you know anyone who has attended as a guest, or anyone you think might be interested in becoming a member, please let them know about the Feb 8th deadline. We are always happy to have new members, so please think about anyone you could encourage to join – we want those quilts for our 2018 show! If you are a current member, don’t worry, you just need to renew when we begin renewals for 2018/19 in January 2018 so as to remain a member in good standing.

Membership Renewals: The Membership Registration/Renewal Forms for 2018 – 2019 is available shortly on our website. Fees for the coming year will be $80, which includes 4 tickets for this year’s Quilt Show. To make renewal easier, please take a moment to fill out and download the form, and bring it to the meeting along with your payment – easy! There will also be forms available at the Membership desk if you prefer. As usual, this year’s form asks you to check off whether or not you consent to your name, address and phone number being put on the list distributed to non-Executive members. New this year, we are also asking if you agree to share your email address for the same purpose (Guild business between Guild members), so please check yes or no for that as well.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Katherine Morgan, Membership Coordinator


Happy New Year! Did you brave the cold and go outside to see the super moon just as the new year begins? Are you noticing that as our planet begins another transit around the sun that morning light starting a little earlier and the sunsets a little later? Don’t miss the January blue moon (it actually is still yellow). Let the light returning inspire your challenge quilt

I am sure there is lots of quilt show information in this newsletter and the next few newsletters as we approach the show. Two years ago, we waved the requirement for a hanging sleeve on challenge quilts. Not so this year! Your challenge quilt needs to have a sleeve and dowel just the same as the small quilts in the rest of the show.

Dorothy Porter still has a few pieces of the challenge fabric. If you need more contact her. An extra piece of fabric costs $2.50

Barbara Beatty


Community Quilts

The following are dates for Community Quilts Workshops:

Thursday February 22 and Friday 23 – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Saturday February 24 – 9:30am to 3:00pm

The location for the workshops is:

St Andrews & St Stephens Church   2641 Chesterfield   (same place where we meet each month.)

The holidays are over, the decorations packed away for another year, so it’s time to get together to make quilts for the community.

The gym will be setup with tables, chairs, ironing boards, cutting mats, rulers, rotary cutters, batting and tables heaped with fabric.

If you don’t want to bring your sewing machine there will be lots of other things to do. You can iron fabric, cut fabric for a kit, layer quilts, sew on labels, sew on bindings, help out in the kitchen and much more. You can stay for the day or a few hours. As we all know there are many stages to building a quilt, so even a few hours of your time will help us get there!

There will be coffee, tea and goodies for your refreshments. On Thursday bring a bagged lunch.

On Friday and Saturday we will be ordering sandwiches from The Galleria in Edgemont Village. Please note you must place your order by 10:15 each day. All orders must be prepaid so please bring cash. Price TBA

The workshop is a great way to meet other members, share ideas, share a laugh or two and feel good about contributing to those that are ill, infirmed or down on their luck.

As always we need help with transporting the supplies to and from the locker and with setting up the room. If you can help please let Karen or myself know as soon as possible.   Your strong spouse, children or friends are welcome to help.

We look forward to your participation and please remember this is a Fragrance Free Event.

Brenda Sangster and Karen Marshall