From the President(s)

Happy Spring everyone! Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow…

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the meeting last month in spite of the bad weather.  We had a wonderful trunk show from Stacey Murton who showed us her quilts, from her first to most recent (I really liked her use of lettering). Last month was also our Annual General Meeting that saw the changeover of several executive positions.  As Bena mentioned in her e-mail message, Karen Cooke and I stepped forward to assume the President role for 2017-2019, Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen have agreed to take on the role of workshop coordinators, and Karen Marshall and Brenda Sangster have agreed to co-chair the Community Quilts Committee.   Many thanks to all out-going and in-coming executive members as well as all those who volunteer quietly behind the scenes.

I will keep this message short as I am late submitting, but make sure you check out the program for this month (Wei Hin Ng) and all the upcoming events.  See you soon.

Kathryn Gillis



I am happy to start my term as your new Membership Coordinator! First, let’s say a great big THANK YOU to Joan Herrin, for her years in this position. Joan always had a friendly hello waiting for us at the sign-in desk, and kindly spent time whipping me into shape to be her humble replacement. Thanks, Joan!

If you haven’t yet renewed your Guild membership for 2017/2018, it’s never too late. The dues for this year are $60.00. Your current membership expired on February 28, 2017 but membership renewals will be accepted at any meeting. For those who have already renewed, your new membership cards will be ready for pick-up at our March meeting.

A membership renewal form is on our Guild website. Just go along the headings at the top of the page and click on the ‘Members’ heading. Then go down to ‘join or renew’. This is a PDF file which will allow you to type in your information, print it off, sign it and then drop it off at the membership table with cash or a cheque for $60.00 made out to ‘Lions Gate Quilters Guild’ or ‘LGQG’. This form cannot be saved but can be printed off so you can hand write on it also. Please help us save paper by printing off your own form.

The guild currently has 85 members and we need more…. so please consider renewing if you haven’t yet done so. We had 51 members present at the February AGM and Guild meeting where we also welcomed 1 new member. The door prizes were won by Linda Heese and Laurel Hickey.

Remember to wear your nametags if you would like to win a door prize. Everyone who signs in has an opportunity to win. Nametags are available at the membership table for $1.00 each, if you forgot yours.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Happy Stitching!

Katherine Morgan, Membership Coordinator


February Programs

For our February meeting, we welcomed Sam and Dean Winchester from the television series Supernatural, Darth Vader from Star Wars, and of all things, monsters (or aliens) in the process of invading a delightfully dotty quilt, all thanks to Stacey Murton’s trunk show. Stacey explained that she loves to try new things and will do a batch of quilts in one style or technique and then go on to the next one that inspires and excites her.

For making your own pixel quilts try an online generator such as YouPatch, which Stacey used. You can upload and work with your photo as much as you like and pay for the pattern only when you’re happy with it.

Stacey pointing out a detail in her ‘Little Monsters’ quilt, pattern by Australian Kellie Wulfsohn. Also shown was ‘Flower Garden’ by the same designer.

progrm 4

Many of the quilt backings were custom dyed by Ionne McCauley of Vancouver Island who, Stacey says, will colour-match any fabric sent to her.

programs las

Laurel Hickey, Programs Coordinator

Upcoming Programs

We have a full lineup of speakers and programs for spring and fall of 2017 and welcome suggestions for 2018.

MARCH: Wei Hin Ng

Wei Hin will talk about how to keep all our sewing machines purring. From Euro Tech Sewing Machine Repair

APRIL: Stacey Day (Stacey in Stitches)

Stacey is a quilter, pattern writer, and designer. Upbeat modern in style with a touch of traditional, have a look at her blog for patterns and current quilts

MAY: Catherine Nicholls ‘Story-Telling’ Trunk Show

Exploring legends and stories-from the spoken word to finished quilt.

Laurel Hickey, Norine McCaffrey, Betty Clarke, and Rosalind Knight, Program Coordinators


Hello to all guild members! We, Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen, are looking forward to our two-year term as Workshop Coordinators and we will do our utmost to provide you with fun, exciting, relevant, boundary-pushing new challenges to enhance and expand our adventures in quilting.

With that in mind, we will work on bringing new teachers and projects from within and outside our Guild.   Please, please give us feedback and voice your own wishes and ideas to us!   We will welcome all suggestions and look forward to chatting with you at guild meetings, or by email.

We have moved forward with the preliminary arrangements Jane Andrews set in motion for us, as mentioned in last month’s newsletter. Yes indeed, BARB MORTELL, former guild member, fabulous teacher and trunk show presenter and amazing quilter, is presenting a TWO-DAY WORKSHOP, and the information is noted below. It will be a rewarding prelude to those summer months when you can experiment and expand on your very own unique style. Barb’s teachings are legendary!!!

Modernizing the Log Cabin, bringing traditional ideas into the present


In this class we will be working with colour and value to switch up the traditional log cabin. By placing similar values next to each other, you create a new shape, by noticing this and pushing it in a direction you like, you create a unique improvised design. Working in this way opens doors to many new ideas and may even lead you to work in a series, which is a satisfying way to truly explore a single design idea. The log cabin block, in its simplicity, can provide you with a lifetime of exploration. Colour and value are amazing elements of design and exploring within the simplicity of the traditional and well known block log cabin will keep you on track for exploration of your own.

It’s fine to work with just black and white, or you may want to bring in a few colours like very pale pink or yellow, medium and very dark hues, or other values, like light grey, medium grey and dark grey.

Building a modern Log cabin quilt board by board, we will still follow the tradition of the log cabin block, but the end result will be your own.

Strip by strip, section by section, ideas flowing one to another, allowing the builder to create a unique modern and thoroughly updated quilt top.

Barb says “I do not want people coming with preconceived ideas, this is an experimentation class, one where people are allowed to “let go” and truly improvise, to follow the beat of their own drummer, to make something totally unique.”

Here is a photo of quilts made using Barb’s method, but remember YOUR colours, YOUR style, YOUR creativity will make your finished project unique to only YOU!

workshops 1


Place:             St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Dates:            Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27, 2017

Time:             9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:               $90.00 for two days

(NOTE: The church has a locked room available to keep your machines and supplies overnight on the Friday)

We look forward to seeing you at Guild and listening to your workshop ideas!

Susan and Helen





Happy almost Spring!

I apologize for the lack of a library article last month. It got lost in the midst of my preparations to travel to Savannah for QuiltCon 2017. And then the wi-fi at our funky motel was a bit dodgy …

A big Thank You to Jo Ann Lee for organizing and running the library for the February meeting!

There were three new books in the library in February:

The first is an unusual book we were able to buy from Barb Mortell. It is the catalogue for Color Improvisations 2, curated by Nancy Crow. This opened in a museum in Germany last year, is touring Europe and will tour in North America next year. One of Barb’s quilts is included in the stunning collection.

Color Improvisations 2

We also received two lovely donations. The first is America’s Glorious Quilts. This a HUGE book on the history of quilts, with lovely big colour photographs. It covers many wonderful aspects of quilting, including Amish quilts, Hawaiian quilts and crazy quilts. I hope someone will take this book out every month because we barely have room to store it!

The other donation is another “text book” of quilting – Patchwork Quilts Made Easy: 33 Quilt Favorites, Old & New by Jean Wells. It covers many aspects of quilting techniques thoroughly and includes a variety of patterns. It’s an older book by a very talented teacher. I encourage you to look past the colour combinations and imagine these quilts in your current favourite colours.

Thank you to both of the donors! We appreciate donations of books to the library. I look through them all, and add the more current ones to the library if they don’t duplicate something we have. All the other donations will be sold and the money will go to buying new books. We are planning the next book sale at the June meeting.

For the March meeting, I have ordered four new books. The first is WALK: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot by Jacquie Gering. I took this class from Jacquie at QuiltCon last year, and she is a wonderful teacher. The book looks just as thorough as her class. She teaches how the get the best results from using your walking foot and much more than straight-line quilting.

No Scrap Left Behind: 16 Quilt Projects That Celebrate Scraps of All Sizes is the new book by “Crazy Mom Quilts” blogger, Amanda Jean Nyberg. It is an encyclopedia of fresh fun quilts to make with scraps. She includes some great ideas for fun backings and some smaller projects too.

Modern Triangle Quilts: 70 Graphic Triangle Blocks • 11 Bold Samplers is a new take on the quilt block – who says it has to be square? Rebecca Bryan has designed pieced triangle blocks to mix and match, as well as some fun ways to set them in to sampler quilts.

And finally, I ordered a new book from Amy Friend, Improv Paper Piecing: A Modern Approach to Quilt Design. It includes a primer on foundation paper piecing and a series of lessons and patterns that show how the technique allows a measure of control and repeatability in improvisational quilting. I think this will be very interesting to explore!

Thank you to those members who suggested books for the library! I keep a running list of suggestions and you can email me at to make suggestions or to place a hold on a book for our next meeting. You can browse our entire library catalogue at

See you at the meeting!

Your librarian,


Community Quilts

Hello “Community of Quilters”,

Thanks Anita for all your contributions, you‘ve done a great job as president. We’re glad that you’re still going to be able to come and be a part of the guild as your time allows!

We wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to make our Community Quilts weekend a great success. We have such a great group; fetching at the storage locker, setup at the church, organizing supplies, baked goods and treats, and then packing it all up again! Thanks to everyone who makes it possible, It takes a lot of work.

And thank you to those of you that made the time to come out and sew! We had 21 people Thursday, 24 on Friday and 18 on Saturday, that’s 63 person days! I don’t know if anyone completed a whole quilt from start to finish, but we had lots of people working very hard! I saw lots of creativity and innovation, as people put things together.

March meeting: We will have a few kits available if you weren’t able to make the workshop, and we’ll show some finished quilts then they will be distributed.

A reminder: quilt sizes are:

  • Wee babe-16×20 or 18×24
  • Baby -36 x40
  • Child/ Lap -42 x54
  • Single bed -54 x72

Thanks again, Karen Marshall and Brenda Sangster your CO-Presidents!

From the President

The sun is shining and I have just had lunch on a sunny patio in Dundarave. Hopefully this weather will continue and we have said farewell to the snow!

Please volunteer to assume the role of President or the roll of Workshop Coordinator? If you have been considering putting your name forward, please do so. We will welcome additional nominations from the floor at the AGM.

We have volunteers who have put their name forward for 3 of the 5 elected Executive positions: Karen Munro as Secretary, Katherine Morgan as Membership Coordinator and Marilyne Cary as Member at Large. Thanks to Sharon Bovee who with the assistance of Sandi Hill have volunteered as the Raffle Quilt Coordinator.

Please take time to review the guild proposed budget and the community quilts proposed budget (and financial statements for the year end) in an email sent earlier this month. Both budgets will be voted on at the AGM.  There are no motions to consider and the business meeting will be brief. Our February program is a trunk show by quilter Stacey Murton and we want to ensure she has the time needed.

The BC Societies Act is changing and the Guild is required to post our constitution online on the government site by November 2018. Based on the requirements, the Executive has determined that the format of our constitution and bylaws need some amendments. I, and the current outgoing secretary, Paulette Morton, and our current treasurer, Sue Forshaw, have agreed to take this on as a working team and not burden the new Executive. We will bring the results of our efforts back to the Guild later this year.

The Edendale Retreat Centre has accepted our deposit for the retreat in the years 2018 and 2019.

At our January meeting, the 50/50 raised $98 and the winner of the 50/50 was Chris Gardner, who got $49.

Happy quilting!

Bena Luxton, President


As this is my last newsletter I would like to thank you for your support over the last 3 years as it has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know you as you signed in each month. Thank you!!

It’s time to think about renewing your membership for 2017 / 2018.   The dues for this year are $60.00. Your current membership is good until February 28, 2017 but membership renewals will be accepted at the January and February meetings. Membership cards will be available at the March meeting.

A membership renewal form is on our Guild website.   Just go along the headings at the top of the page and click on the ‘Members’ heading.   Then go down to ‘join or renew’. This is a PDF file which will allow you to type in your information, print it off, sign it and then drop it off at the membership table with cash or a cheque for $60.00 made out to ‘Lions Gate Quilters Guild’ or ‘LGQG’. This form cannot be saved but can be printed off so you can hand write on it also. Please help us save paper by printing off your own form.

As of December 31, 2016 the guild had 125 members. In January we had 57 members renew their memberships. We had 71 members present at the January guild meeting where we also welcomed 4 guests. The door prizes were won by Laurel Hickey and Dianne Ritter.

Remember to wear your nametags if you would like to win a door prize. Everyone who signs in has an opportunity to win. Nametags are available at the membership table for $1.00 each.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Happy Stitching!

Joan Herrin, Membership Coordinator


COPS Day: March 11

Our next COPS Day is March 11th.

WHEN: Saturday, 9:30 to 4:30, March 11th
WHERE: Highlands United Church, 3255 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver
COST: $15.00 plus a plate of sweets or savouries

Sign up will take place at guild meeting. If fewer than 15 people have signed up by the end of the meeting before the COPS Day, then it will be cancelled. If the COPS Day goes ahead, drop-ins will be welcome. If you are not able to come to the guild meeting and would like to sign up for a particular COPS Day, you can mail a cheque for $15, payable to Lions Gate Quilters Guild (or LGQG), to Marsha MacKay (address available in the directory).

Marsha MacKay