Dresden Neighbourhood Workshops in Semptember

September 25, 2021- 9:00am to 3:30pm (virtual)…Workshop is Sold Out

September 26, 2021 (virtual) Registration Now Open

$35 Members            $45 Non-Members

Join Michelle Banton of Lunenburg, Massachusetts on Saturday, September 25, 2021   9:00am to 3:30pm on Zoom when she teaches Kim Lapacek’s cute twist on the Dresden Plate pattern.

Michelle will share a tip sheet of things she does differently from what the designer has written in the pattern. Included in the workshop will be Michelle’s PDF of both wedge templates (30 degrees and 12 degrees) to make either the 12 or 20 houses for the 24” x 24” block. As well there will be an optional Show and Tell held 1-2 weeks after the workshop for 1/2 hour for registrants to show their finished blocks. Registrants can use their creativity to make a neighbourhood of their own. Autumn, Halloween or Christmas themed perhaps? The 12 house block would lend itself to the color wheel.

In addition to the workshop fee, registrants will be required to individually purchase a PDF pattern directly from the designer Kim Lapacek. Please NO sharing/photocopying the pattern so that the designer is respected. The pattern is about $11. A supply list including a link to purchase the Dresden Neighbourhood PDF pattern; and a PDF of paper wedge templates (for 12 or 20 houses) will be sent out to registrants.

June 2021 – “Slab” Technique Workshop with Cheryl Arkison

photo compiled by M.E. Citton

21 registrants attended the Slab Technique workshop instructed by Cheryl Arkison on June 5, 2021. Before starting the improv piecing, participants sorted scraps first by colour, then value and size. Also, talked about was how to deal with bossy fabrics. After pairing and sewing scraps, trimming was done to minimize wastage and save leftover scraps for other projects. Multiple chunks of sewn together scraps were then laid out to design the made ‘fabric’ into a block. Finally, instruction on squaring up the block completed the workshop. 

I liked the workshop because it was so different from the rigid quilt patterns I normally follow, loved the stress busting fabric slicing into usable scraps and the meditative chain piecing.
Shauna Dennert
LGQG Workshops Coordinator





If you have any questions about any of the workshops, please contact Workshop Coordinator.