Community Quilts

Hello “Community of Quilters”,

Thanks Anita for all your contributions, you‘ve done a great job as president. We’re glad that you’re still going to be able to come and be a part of the guild as your time allows!

We wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to make our Community Quilts weekend a great success. We have such a great group; fetching at the storage locker, setup at the church, organizing supplies, baked goods and treats, and then packing it all up again! Thanks to everyone who makes it possible, It takes a lot of work.

And thank you to those of you that made the time to come out and sew! We had 21 people Thursday, 24 on Friday and 18 on Saturday, that’s 63 person days! I don’t know if anyone completed a whole quilt from start to finish, but we had lots of people working very hard! I saw lots of creativity and innovation, as people put things together.

March meeting: We will have a few kits available if you weren’t able to make the workshop, and we’ll show some finished quilts then they will be distributed.

A reminder: quilt sizes are:

  • Wee babe-16×20 or 18×24
  • Baby -36 x40
  • Child/ Lap -42 x54
  • Single bed -54 x72

Thanks again, Karen Marshall and Brenda Sangster your CO-Presidents!