Community Quilts

Thank you to everyone for the finished quits, especially Joan Gold ,Trudy Jaskela and Rita Douglas; we received more than 20 quilts. Louis Bovet is delivering 2 quilts to the Hospice and 7 to Kiwanis care Centre. I have had a request for more quilts for Turning Point Lodge. We have 2 that are appropriate and I will try to get them delivered soon. There are always requests. Please note the sizes we need listed below. Also if you are in need of batting let me know please – I will try to bring some batting to the next meeting. Messages can be left at 604-220-5523.

Quilt sizes

Wee baby 16×20 or 18×24

Baby 36×40

Lap/ child 42x 54

Single bed 54x 72

Thank you all for your help.


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