Presidents Message

Good news! As of February 17, we have nominees for three of the six executive positions up for grabs at our AGM– bad news is; we are missing three nominees for the remaining executive positions.  Our current Treasurer and Librarian have both expressed interest in putting their names forward for their positions for another two year term and someone else has put their name in the hat for Member-at-large. That leaves Vice-President, Programs, and Communications open for nominees.

For those of you who are wondering if you have what it takes to be on the executive let me ask you this: If not you, then who? Who out there enjoys our monthly meetings but thinks maybe there is something new and better we could be trying? Perhaps you have discussed with your friends about something up and coming that you would love to see at our meetings. Well grab those friends, form a committee, and put a name forward for the Programs position.

On the other hand, do you like to work more on your own? Do you like to sit in front of your computer and search the internet for interesting blogs or “how to” videos. Do you really enjoy visiting quilting websites and have ideas about how ours should look. Then do we have a position for you. Our Communications person (previously Newsletter Editor) will be responsible for communicating with our members through our website and email to keep everyone engaged with our guild and with quilting.

Finally I come to the position of Vice-President. The VP job is very important but if everything in the guild is running smoothly there is very little stress in the job. Just because you are the VP does not mean you have to run for President. The VP is someone who can step in and help where help is needed. They collect the mail and are responsible for the storage locker. If you are someone new to the quid or are thinking you would like to meet more people, then this is a good position to hold. Don’t be shy! Our guild needs you!

Please take time to review the guild proposed budget and the community quilts proposed budget (and financial statements for the year end) sent out in an email earlier this month. Both budgets will be voted on at the AGM. Our proposed changes to the by-laws (sent out by email earlier this month) will also be voted on. If you did not receive these items, please ask for them and we will resend a copy.

Our February meeting will be busy. Along with the elections and program we will be getting our first look at the Raffle Quilt for our upcoming show. (I heard raffle tickets might be available.) Quilt registration is continuing online and paper only registration is available at our next couple of meetings. The deadline for quilt registration is March 31/18. Be sure to watch for show volunteer registration coming online soon. Remember to renew your membership – you have until March 27/18 to renew to be able to show quilts in this year’s show. New members have until Feb 27/18 to join. All this information and more is on our website.

Don’t forget that Community Quilts days are February 22 – 24. Hope to see you there!

Kathryn Gillis

Membership Report

We had 71 members attending our January 23rd Guild meeting, plus 4 guests, for a total of 75 attending. One of the guests joined the Guild at the mid-meeting break!

The door prize winners were Cathy Keely (a guest) and member Linda Dunlop. Remember to wear your nametag if you would like to win a door prize; everyone who signs in have an opportunity to win. Nametags are available at the membership table for $1.00 each, if you forgot yours.

Membership Renewals: The Membership Registration/Renewal Forms for 2018 – 2019 are now posted on our website. Fees for the coming year are $80, which includes 4 tickets for this year’s Quilt Show. To make renewal easier, please take a moment to fill out and download the form, and bring it to the meeting along with your payment – easy! There will also be forms available at the Membership desk if you prefer. As usual, this year’s form asks you to check off whether or not you consent to your name, address and phone number being put on the list distributed to non-Executive members. New this year, we are also asking if you agree to share your email address for the same purpose (Guild business between Guild members), so please check yes or no for that as well.

At our January 23rd Guild meeting, 40 members already renewed their membership for the 2018 – 2019 membership year – thank you all! Remember, our membership year goes to the end of February, and you must be a member in good standing as of the close of the Guild AGM on February 27th 2018 to be eligible to enter a quilt in the 2018 show. Please take care of your membership renewal this month; we need those quilts in our show…and we need you in our Guild!

Also new, the Executive has voted to up the fee for guests at Guild meetings. We will continue to welcome guests to their first meeting at no charge. They are then welcome to come as guests two more times for $10 per meeting, after which we encourage them to join our Guild.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Katherine Morgan, Membership Coordinator

2018 LGQG Raffle Quilt

At the February meeting, we will commence to sell books of Raffle tickets to Guild members to purchase for advance sales to your family and friends. The prize is a Queen size Quilt, which will be on display.

In 2016, advance sales of Raffle tickets, by all the Guild members were excellent and it would be great to have the same experience for our 2018 Quilt Show!

Tickets will be sold in books of 15 tickets, at a cost of $25.00. The ticket price is 3 tickets for $5.00. So that means you only have to sell your book of 15 tickets to 5 individuals (3 tickets for $5.00), and your book is complete!

As done in previous years, the member purchases the book of tickets up front for $25.00, sells the tickets (now this money is yours) and returns the stubs for the Quilt draw. We will keep track of the member’s names and the ticket books.

It is necessary to return your completed books of stubs to the Raffle Quilt Committee at our monthly meetings. We will need all stubs to be returned for the Quilt draw before the LGQG Quilt Show. This will ensure all tickets are entered in the Quilt draw on Saturday, June 9th.

During March, April, May and June, the Raffle Quilt Committee is planning visits to various Quilting Guilds and also the Lion’s Gate Hospital to promote our Quilt Show, and sell raffle tickets. We need volunteers to assist. Please sign up at the Raffle Quilt table at our monthly meetings. Thank you!

It is important to remember that all proceeds from the sale of the Raffle tickets go directly to our Community Quilts program.

As always, thank you for your support.

Sharon Bovee, Raffle Quilt Coordinator

2018 Challenge

Wow!  I can’t believe it is February! Please go back and check you challenge entry form and the rules included in you challenge packet.  Be sure your quilt is not larger than the upper limit of 60 inches around the perimeter

Quilts must follow the rules for the challenge and for hanging a quilt in the show. Your challenge quilt must have a hanging sleeve and its own dowel attached. Check the hanging instructions the quilt committee has set for quilts that will hang in the main part of the show. If you have done something unusual to the upper edge that will not accommodate a hanging sleeve, please be sure you make it easy for us to best display your quilt. You must hand in your entry form at the April meeting or email it to me by that date. I will see you all at the April meeting.

Barbara Beatty


Workshop – Say it with Flowers!

Teacher:  Leslie Forbes
Date:    Friday and Saturday, March 23-24, 2018
Time:  9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location:  St. Agnes Anglican, 530 12th St. E. North Vancouver
Cost:    $100.00

Misty-Fuse:  TBC

Class size:   Maximum 15 participants

Join us for a two day workshop with Leslie Forbes using raw edge techniques and misty-fuse, along with exploring the use of value to bring a floral or floral grouping to life!    Take one of your favourite colour photos, enlarge it to 22” x 22” or a variation of this (easy to do at your local Staples shop), print another copy in black and white to help with seeing value, and before you know it you will have created a beautiful and dimensional quilt.   This could be done in cotton or silk. Leslie’s completed version was part of the Show and Tell items that were presented at our October guild meeting and it also will be at our Workshops table for viewing at our February guild meeting.   Come take a look up close and check out the supply list, which will be available for those who have registered.

Workshop: Two Level Tote Bag

Teacher:  Krista Hennebury
Date:    May 12, 2018
Time:  9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location:  St. Agnes Anglican, 530 12th St. E. North Vancouver
Cost:    $50.00

Kit cost:   $25.00 – Includes pattern, leather handles, magnetic latch, rivets.

Add. Kits:  $20.00 – Leather handles, magnetic latch, rivets only.

This design grew out of my experience making many purses, bags and totes designed by others.  I wanted a stylish every-day bag that didn’t have a lot of complicated hardware, closures or heavy structure; one that could accommodate a few extra things that I’d need for traveling or hold a few purchases made throughout the day. It is the perfect pattern for a sewist looking to learn new bag-making skills.  The bag is constructed from two outer fabrics; pair a few cotton canvas or home-décor print on the upper level with cork, waved canvas, lightweight leather or vinyl on the lower level.

Skills to learn; zipper window, sewing with heavy materials like cork, leather, waxed canvas or vinyl, installing rivets and magnetic snaps, top-stitching, boxing corners.

The supply list for Krista’s class will also be available at our February meeting.

Happy Quilting,
Susan and Helen

Community Quilts

Can I donate fabric from my stash to Community Quilts?

That’s a question we hear a lot. And YES, you can, BUT we ask that you follow the SIMPLE guidelines below. We value the hard work people do and want to use the best materials to ensure that the work will last and provide comfort to the recipients.

Is your donation:

  1. 100% quilting cotton
  2. At least half a metre/yard in length (full yardage, no fussy cut hexagons or dog heads missing)
  3. Suitable colours and patterns for those in care (nursing homes, extended care/hospice, psychiatric care, children’s ward, NICU unit)
  4. “FRESH”. Fabrics that are older, have been stored or folded for long periods of time, may not be useable as they may have deteriorated and will not hold up under repeated washings. Do a strength test.  If you can tear it easily with your hands or it’s threadbare/ faded, please use it for another purpose.
  5. If you don’t have yardage, can YOU pre-cut (5”,6.5” or 10” squares) and donate those to be used for eye spy, or similar scrappy quilts?

If the answer to any of those questions is NO, then we are not able to use it.  We have limited space to store fabrics, and limited time to organize donations.

There are a few suggestions of places that may accept your fabrics, please track Karen down at a meeting and she can let you know. And if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see for kits, please let us know.  We’ve heard “better colours” so far; let us know what you think about our patterns. Sizes? Do you prefer to do a top only?

Don’t forget to enter the draw, when you donate a quilt!

We look forward to seeing lots of faces at the Community Quilts work bee!  I’ve said it before, but I am constantly amazed by how many quilts our guild donates each year. Thank you in advance for your care and generosity!

Karen and Brenda

Reminder of Free table etiquette:

  1. Bring whatever items you like to the free table.
  2. TAKE HOME items that are not re-homed.
  3. It’s just that simple.

February 2018 Upcoming Programs

A reminder that we are still looking for a new team to take on Programs. If you’re interested, feel free to contact any of us on the committee for more information. We’ve got the next few months arranged so anyone who volunteers will have an easy introduction to the job. Working with a team, Programs is both fun to do and a great opportunity to get to know people better.

2017 Birmingham Quilt Show in the UK with Rosalind Knight

MARCH 2018
Paul Krampitz Trunk Show
Paul Krampitz from the Vancouver Modern Guild will be giving us a trunk show on his journey from traditional to modern quilting, with examples of lessons he learned in traditional quilting and how he has adapted these lessons in making modern quilts.

APRIL 2018
Carola Russell of Carola’s Quilt Shop Threads and Trunk Show
It’s not quilting without thread – learn about the latest trends in thread and afterwards, SHOP! Make a list of favourite threads that are getting low on the spool, and treat yourself to new favourites.

Laurel Hickey, Norine McCaffrey, Betty Clarke, and Rosalind Knight, Program Coordinators

January 2018 Row-by-Row Results

January also saw the results of Dianne Ritter’s Row-by-Row mystery quilt project, a full year after it started. There were finished quilts, quilt tops and partial tops, all wonderful memories of Canada 150!


Laurel Hickey, Programs Coordinator

January 2018 Barb Mortell and the Power of Creativity

The photos below tell the story: creativity embraces destruction… or at least the cutting up of things like quilt tops that aren’t quite working. Rethinking. Trying something different. Of course there was more to Barb’s talk, including our drawing circles that morphed into a myriad of forms, but images of her taking alarmingly large scissors to a quilt will stay with me for a long time. I’ve talked to people who have taken one or more of her new classes on the creative process and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. See more at and

Laurel Hickey, Programs Coordinator

January 2018 Upcoming Programs

Reminder to everyone to bring your Row-by-Row projects to the January meeting for show and tell. The quilts or quilt tops don’t have to be complete – share  your progress!

We’re also looking for a new team to take on Programs. We’ve got the next few months arranged already, so anyone who volunteers will have an easy introduction to the job. Working with a team, Programs is both fun to do and a great opportunity to get to know people better.

January Program: Barb Mortell – The Power of Creativity
Barb Mortell will join us to give a presentation entitled The Power of Creativity. She believes that creativity exists in all of us in one form or another, and that we need to nurture it in order to live a whole-hearted life. A regular practice of art-making and doing creative things keeps us young and open minded. We will do some quick creative exercises at the meeting, so bring pieces of paper and pencils or pens. and

2017 Birmingham Quilt Show in the UK with Rosalind Knight

MARCH 2018
Paul Krampitz Trunk Show
Paul Krampitz from the Vancouver Modern Guild will be giving us a trunk show on his journey from traditional to modern quilting, with examples of lessons he learned in traditional quilting and how he has adapted these lessons in making modern quilts.

Laurel Hickey, Norine McCaffrey, Betty Clarke, and Rosalind Knight, Program Coordinators