2017 PhDs (UFOs) Challenge Completed!

Thank you to all the people who entered the PhD challenge – there were 286 entries and 112 completions – that’s 19060.50 inches of finished quilts, plus a few quilting-related odds and ends that proved more difficult to measure.

Prizes of $100 each for the most inches went to Dorothy Porter  with her astounding 1942 inches of quilts and to Jane Ellis with 1594 inches. The prize for most projects completed, again $100, went to Chris Gardner with 14 items completed. Dorothy and Chris also won in the community quilts category.

Most inches for quilts made for community quilt went to Mona Morrison (700 cq inches), Chris Gardner (694 cq inches) and Dorothy Porter (1162 cq inches).

In addition, there were four random draws of $50 each where one ticket per completed project went into the basket. We recorded the names during the draw and then promptly lost the piece of paper – if you won, please let me know and I’ll update this accordingly.