June 2017 Upcoming Programs

You’ve done it – we’ve done it. Sewn and stitched, counted and recounted. And we have winners! Two winners of $100 each for most quilt inches overall, another $100 winner for most items completed, and four draw prizes for $50 each, plus some fun give-aways. We’ll announce who won what and do the draw prizes at the June meeting.

Of 286 items registered, 112 were completed, a whopping 19,060.50 inches in total. Note that each person can only win one prize, so if you are the winner of a ‘most inches’ or ‘most items’ prize, your name won’t in the hat for the draw prizes.

In addition to the above and as a special thank you, there are three $20 dollar prizes for the most community quilt inches. These prizes can be in addition to other prizes.

JUNE Social
As it’s our guild’s 30th birthday, we have a few special things planned for the evening. In keeping with that, for show and tell, please bring your special quilts and tell us what they mean to you. If you’ve signed up to bring cake or fruit, don’t forget. If you get inspired at the last minute, feel free to bring whatever you’d like.

Panel and Pop-up Shops

Seeing as how popular the panel and shops were last year, we’re doing it again, this time looking behind the scenes in quilting retail. We have a diverse group: Christine Hamilton of ‘Made by Me Sewing’ in North Vancouver, Debbie Miller of ‘Needle and I Quilt Shop and Sewing Centre’ in Burnaby, and Lorna Shapiro from Vancouver. Bring money!

Carola Russell of Carola’s Quilt Shop

Learn everything you need to know to get started with free motion quilting rulers on your home machine: the foot, the rulers, the supplies and the techniques. Carola is also doing a rulers workshop with us in November and there will be an opportunity to order supplies. www.carolasquiltshop.com

November 2017
Winter Social & Guess the Quilter Game

We’re combining the popular ‘Guess the Quilter’ game with our pot-luck winter social. If you’d like to be one of the quilters, let Betty Clarke know.

Laurel Hickey, Norine McCaffrey, Betty Clarke, and Rosalind Knight, Program Coordinators