October 2017 Rulers Rule Talk and Popup Shop with Carola Russell

If anyone wondered if just maybe we’d had enough of shopping in the double-whammy pop-ups of September, the answer proved to be a resounding NO! Carola brought a huge selection of pre-cuts, threads, and gadgets, including the new free-motion quilting rulers and feet. The crowds were such that sharp elbows were needed to get to the merchandise. I have sharp elbows. I bought and bought.

Despite the pre-meeting shopping and the shopping at the break and the time we left for shopping after Carola’s talk, there was still a lineup that threatened to take us past 10 pm, our pumpkin hour at the hall. Packing everything up in time took an (un)coordinated effort, dodging the throngs of shoppers still there. A special thanks to Linda Heese who dove right into the packing up alongside the Programs committee.

Even though we aren’t really set up for demos, Carola’s talk was a good introduction to the tools and techniques of using those special rulers for free-motion quilting. I’m going to give it a go in the new year… or when I can see my sewing table again for all the projects I’m trying to get done for Christmas.

Laurel Hickey, Programs Coordinator