September 2017 Popping Pop-Ups

This September, we welcomed Debbie Miller, owner of the ‘Needle and I Quilt Shop and Sewing Centre’ in Burnaby and Lorna Shapiro, owner of ‘Quilter’s Dream Fabrics’ in Vancouver. Their brief talks were full of insights as to what goes on behind the scenes of the two very different businesses. The shopping experience before the meeting, during the break and afterwards, was amazing. I spent every dollar I had brought with me and was sorely tempted to pull out the plastic. I wasn’t alone – we kept the pair hopping. Most of my money went towards re-stuffing my stash with Japanese yarn-dyed fabrics, a speciality of Lorna’s. I also got three colours of cork fabric from Debbie, real sewable cork you can make into real things. I’m thinking gadget pouches and change purses for holiday giving. Debbie recommends using baby wipes to clean the items.

From left to right: Betty Clarke, Suzanne Patchell, Debbie Miller, and Lorna Shapiro.DSC05224

Lorna Shapiro’s selection of Japanese yarn-dyed fabrics, shot cottons, and silks. Oh my.dsc05218.jpg

Debbie Miller’s wonderful assortment of fabrics and notions. Something for everyone.DSC05210

Cork fabric from Debbie Miller.DSC05211