Upcoming Programs

We have a full lineup of speakers and programs for spring and fall of 2017 and welcome suggestions for 2018.

FEBRUARY: Stacey Murton Trunk Show

A trunk show illustration her quilting evolution, from the very beginning to what she is working on now. Several of her quilts have won viewers choice awards and one was featured at Quiltcon 2015 and in two quilting magazines.

MARCH: Wei Hin Ng

Wei Hin will talk about how to keep all our sewing machines purring. From Euro Tech Sewing Machine Repair http://www.eurotechsewrepair.ca.

APRIL: Stacey Day (Stacey in Stitches) 

Stacey is a quilter, pattern writer, and designer. Upbeat modern in style with a touch of traditional, have a look at her blog for patterns and current quilts www.staceyinstitches.wordpress.com.

MAY: Catherine Nicholls ‘Story-Telling’ Trunk Show 

Exploring legends and stories-from the spoken word to finished quilt. https://ravensthread.com/workshops

Laurel Hickey, Norine McCaffrey, Betty Clarke, and Rosalind Knight, Program Coordinators

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