Community Quilts

Hello Community of Quilters,

Thanks to everyone for all the community quilts that were shown at last month’s meeting.  I’m always amazed at the sheer numbers of quilts we produce. We’re still sorting them and will hopefully have them delivered by the end of the month.

As a reminder, we do have new labels available for quilts (they’re quite nice), so if you’re in need we’ll try to bring a few to each meeting, as well as one or two kits.  Please feel free to bring any finished quilts with you to the meeting.

We haven’t formalized any challenges yet, trying to keep everyone motivated, but until then, I will challenge you to spend 10 % of your quilting time on community quilts.  Use community quilts as leaders/ enders, cut an extra block to make a small quilt, or a sampler.  If you hit a road block on a current project, take a break! That’s only SIX minutes over the course of an hour!

Karen and Brenda