How the Community Quilts Workshop Came To Be

First, a request that those bringing finished community quilts to the meeting measure them so we can add the inches to our total for the ‘Walk to Brock Challenge’ and help out Dorothy. Please put the measurements on masking tape on a corner of the quilt. We will have a table to collect them beside our table of kits.

When I signed on to be president of LGQG Community Quilt Society it was because I felt it was an important part of our giving to the community we live in. I was very happy to find in my information binder a short history of Community Quilts.

cq_2014may-1Doree Piercy, Val Jeffery and Dolores Bell decided to use some of their leftover scraps to see if they could make some reasonably pleasing quilts. They had so much fun that they thought a weekend event open to all guild members should be held to make quilts for North Shore facilities. So Doree contacted several potential recipients. Dolores booked the Lucas Centre and organized the first Community Quilt Workshop with the help of Val, Renata Doerfert and Shirley Mortell. Fifty members made 35 bed quilts.

cq_2014may-2This was in 1992 and while I don’t have the exact number it appears almost 2000 !!! quilts have been donated to a number of good causes since then.

The Lions Gate Community Quilts Society had to be formed to receive quilt show raffle money – required by B.C. government.

Yearly since then we have had very enjoyable quilt weekends with lots of conversation, companionship and productivity which I hope will continue for years to come. We look forward to showing all manner of quilts made over the past year at the upcoming meeting.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with our endeavors.

Anita Jones-Gould