From the President

Marg Marlow, a longtime member of the Lions Gate Quilters’ Guild, passed away on April 19th. I didn’t know Marg very well but over the years I took several quilting classes from her at The Thread Bear, Creative Edge Quilting and Sewing and through the Guild and always enjoyed them. Over the past years we exchanged emails often when she organized Quilt Retreats for our guild. Genevieve Tobin and myself shared a ride to Squamish for Marg’s funeral service and we reminisced about classes with Marg. Both of us clearly remember Marg telling us to, “Just do it , take that pretty quilt top, layer it, and start to quilt it!!” I can still hear her saying that when I hesitate to machine quilt. Her machine quilting class was one of the best I have ever taken. Leslie Rutledge did a lovely job in helping display many of Marg’s quilts and hang thread and fabric works on the walls. The Totem Hall felt warm and inviting and I could feel Marg’s presence. Leslie also created a living memories slide show for all of us. It was a lovely testament to her friend. I know there were many quilters at the Hall that afternoon and I realized what a lifelong bond this wonderful craft of ours forms between us. During the service several people commented that the most important things in Marg’s life were: Family, Friends and Fabric and that was so evident on that Saturday. We will miss you Marg.

Sonia Milanez and Joan Gold, our librarians, would really like your input into the selection of library materials. You can email them or follow the link in our Newsletter under Library Survey Form. If you have recently purchased a book or two or if you are looking through your own personal library collection and come across a favourite title please share those titles with Sonia and Joan. We will all benefit.

I received an email from the coordinator of the gallery space at the West Vancouver Memorial Library asking if our guild would be interested in exploring the possibility of a quilt exhibit at the library. She is looking ahead to January 2015 or possibility the fall of 2014. This seems like an ideal opportunity to share our work with the North Shore Community and reconnect with quilt lovers several months after our Quilt Show. We do need a few people who would undertake to organize and work with this person on behalf of the guild. The library exhibits usually are displayed for 6 to 8 weeks and the library takes 15% sales commission on any sales involved. The space holds about 25 mid-size paintings although there is room for some larger quilts. If you are interested in getting involved in this project please let me know. I have more detailed information as to the specific sizes of areas in the library which can be used for display purposes. I would like to respond to this request before the summer.

During our April meeting Show and Tell we measured a total of 2,476 inches which brings our grand total to 36,894 inches or approx. 934.03 metres. Please continue to measure your quilts’ circumferences as we participate in the Walk to Brock Challenge.

Our May meeting is dedicated to our Community Quilts program. Please come and congratulate our Community Quilts Committee and be awestruck by our guild’s wonderful efforts and beautiful quilts.

Don’t forget your name tags, mugs, cash for 50/50 tickets and Ridge Meadows Guild Raffle Quilt tickets and our own Show Raffle tickets. Return your library books and pay your fines please. Remember to bring your cheque book for Workshop registration and your library fines if they have gotten out of control. And bring your Show and Tell and any Community Quilts you have been feverishly working on. I look forward to seeing you on May 27th.

Happy Quilting,