Raffle Quilts Sneak Peak

Again at the April meeting, we will continue to sell books of raffle tickets to Guild members to buy, for advance sales to our family and friends.

Tickets will be sold in books of 15 tickets, at a cost of $25.00. All tickets are to be sold at 3 for $5.00. As done previously, the member buys the book of tickets up front for $25.00, sells the tickets (this money is now yours) and returns the stubs for the draw. We keep track of member names and ticket books. Please return your completed book stubs to the Raffle Quilt Committee at our monthly meetings. However, please ensure all stubs are returned to the raffle committee for the draw at the end of our quilt show to ensure all tickets sold are entered for the draw on June 14th.

On May 15th, we will be selling Quilt Raffle tickets at Lion’s Gate Hospital from 10 am to 4 pm. We are looking for 3 or 4 volunteers to help us on this day, to sell raffle tickets and promote our show in June. If you would like to assist, please come see our table at the meeting.

All of the proceeds from the Raffle Quilts go to our Community Quilts program.

The Raffle Quilt Committee
Becky West, Norine McCaffrey, Suzanne Patchell, Betty Clarke

raffle1For the 2014 Raffle Quilts, four Guild members volunteered their time in the making of the raffle quilts in addition to the quilt ticket sales. We commenced our preparations in March 2013 and decided to make two lap or, as we like to call them “nap” quilts.

At our second meeting we each brought 6 or more patterns that we liked, from books and magazines. We then decided that we would make two quilts – one to be a “traditional style” and the second being more “modern or colourful”. We then selected our patterns from about the 30 that we had accumulated. Then on to what fabric colours or patterns? This is always the fun part! For the traditional style we stayed with traditional colours and used blues/creams/whites. All the fabrics for the blocks were donated by the four members. The border fabric and backing was purchased. For the modern / colourful quilt we choose Kaffe Fassett fabrics for the quilt top. All the fabrics for the quilt, including the backing were donated by Betty Clarke.

raffle2Then the work began, sewing the blocks and quilt tops together. Once complete we had the two quilts professional machine quilted. The blue and white quilt was machine quilted by Sharon Clark in Lake Country, BC and the colourful quilt was machine quilted by Wendy Margerm in New Westminster BC.

Both quilts turned out beautifully and we are very pleased with the results of our efforts. The four members of the raffle quilt committee are Betty Clarke, Suzanne Patchell, Norine McCaffrey and Becky West. We all thoroughly enjoyed the making of the raffle quilts and our time together – it was a lot of fun!

Becky West