Pincushion Challenge Q&A

Well, we sold a lot of packets of glass for this challenge. I hope all of you who bought glass have or are making a pincushion for the June show. Several people have asked some questions that others of you may also be wondering about.

Do I have to use all the ground glass in my entry?
NO you do not need to use all the glass. Your entry should have some of the glass in it. If your entry has points, like the heads on chicken pincushions, stuff the head with pillow stuffing to make your chicken perky.

Do I really have to give my entry to the guild for the silent auction at the June meeting?
Sorry, but yes you do. This is a fund raiser for the workshop committee to buy things like better extension cords and such. You can bid on your entry and buy it back if you have fallen in love with it.

Helpful hints:

  • Consider putting an inner bag lining in your cushion to hold the glass.
  • Use shorter stitches to keep the glass in the pincushion or its liner.
  • Be sure to keep glass out of the way of your needle while you sew.

OK let’s get a big bunch of pincushions on display for judging of three favorites at our show in June. Also bring your cash to bid on your favorite at the June meeting silent auction.

Barbara Beatty