Update: More than 225 Quilts Registered

We have over 225 quilts registered. Thanks to everyone for pulling out all of the stops!

Next month will be the last newsletter before the show so there will be a lot of info and reminders in it. This month is just a heads up that lawn signs will be available at the April meeting. They are our very best form of advertising the show so if you have a lawn, fence or other appropriate area please take one or two lawn signs and display them during the dates listed on the tag attached to the sign.

Krista has the following message for anyone making, or thinking about making, things for the boutique:

“Several guild members have let me know they are hard at work creating beautiful items for the boutique. I am very excited to see a gorgeous display of our handmade items! If you have any display props that you think would help show your items to their best advantage, please bring them along (large wicker baskets, wooden wine crates, small divided shelves). We have a small artificial Christmas tree that items can be hung from and the boutique will also have show curtains on three sides for pinning quilts. If anyone has a wooden coat rack for hanging bags, a sturdy wooden laundry drying rack for displaying quilts, a counter-top mug rack with little hooks… those could come in handy. Please bring display items with your boutique items at the time of quilt check in. Reminder: a complete inventory sheet must accompany your items that are priced and ready to sell at the time of check-in. Please read the boutique guidelines posted on the website and feel free to email any questions to me.”

If you haven’t given Vicky your volunteer availability as yet please do let her know as soon as possible. Otherwise she will be phoning you. Each member is expected to volunteer a minimum of two hours and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

That’s it for this month, keep working on those show quilts!

Dianne Ritter
Quilt Show Coordinator