Membership Report

We currently have 131 members registered and we had 89 in attendance at the last meeting. If you know of someone who has been a member in the past, remind them to renew their membership. Although this is not a quilt show year, in order for a member to show quilts in the show of June 2014, a member must be in good standing as of the beginning of December 2013. So why not renew sooner rather than later and enjoy the benefits of membership.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email me.

Remember to bring your nametag in order to win the door prize. Congratulations to our March winners: Carol Hill and Gaye McCance. Be sure to remember to be wearing your nametag in order to claim your prize, should your name be drawn.

Nametags are available, if you forget to bring yours, and are $1 each.

Have a wonderful month, and Happy Stitching!
Kate Burzuk