1o Reasons to Make a Community Quilt

We have 10 quilts that have been layered ready to quilt. They will be at the June meeting so if you can possibly manage to quilt one it would be appreciated. There will also be baby and adult kits to be made up by the June meeting if possible or later if that is not possible.

I0 Top Reasons to Make a Community Quilt

  1.  It feels good to volunteer
  2. You make a difference in someone’s life
  3. You use up stash you don’t want or can use free Community Quilts material
  4. You can try something new like a new colour combination or new pattern
  5. You can practice machine quilting and it needs to be nice but not perfect
  6. If you come to the workshop you can learn from fellow quilters
  7. If you come to the workshop there is great camaraderie
  8. There is no risk on your own materials
  9. There is no cost only time spent
  10. It is fun!

If you have any quilts finished please bring them to the May or June meeting. If they only need the binding or a label you can work on it at the June meeting which is a social.