Introducing Your New Hospitality Committee

We are your new hospitality committee and are looking forward to continuing on with some of the initiatives already started by our predecessors.

The first and very important one is: Please remember your own mug for the monthly meetings. We are keen to keep greening the refreshment table, and are going to avoid using styrofoam. So if you forget your mug, you can use the church china. However, there will now be a cost to you of $.25. There will be a donation box on the table beside the mugs where you can put your quarter.

We are also requesting that you return your cup to the refreshment table where we will then put them in the kitchen at the end of the break so we can get a head start on running the dishwasher.

Goodies are certainly a hit and we are continuing to request that those with birthdays in the month of the meeting make a contribution to the goodie table. We’ll try to set a monthly reminder.

Finally, our supply of herb teas is “patchy.” We are requesting donations of USABLE herbal teas to replenish our stock, if you find that you have extras in your cupboard. Please bring the tea to the kitchen on meeting nights.

Many thanks.
Debbie Barrett and Dorothy Moseley