Pillows for the Homeless

Thank you to all the members that have been donating pillows for the homeless.

For NEW members the particulars are as follows:

  • Use a lightweight upholstery fabric (there is usually some available at the meetings up by the stage) and make an 18″ square pillow casing, leaving one side open.
  • Keep a bag handy by your cutting table to toss in batting scraps as you work. Please BATTING scraps only, we have since found that fabric scraps make the pillows too heavy, especially when they get wet.
  • Machine stitch closed when filled.
  • You may also attach a handle or loop to the pillow if you wish but not mandatory.

Louise Bovet or I collect the pillows at the meetings and deliver to the Look Out Shelter on Bewicke.

Thank you,
Myra (pillow fight!!) Frampton