Membership Report

Hello Members! Thank you to all who completed and handed in your membership renewal forms last guild meeting. It sure does help me out! As some of you know, my computer had crashed last fall and I had lost the 2012 database. I spent a few evenings and rebuilt it with the forms from last year. Now I am ready to get this year’s database loaded up. I also want to thank the members that highlight when there is a change in either their address or email address, it is most helpful.

At the February meeting, be sure to come a few minutes early so you can sign in for the meeting, and drop off your renewal form. The form is always available on our website as a PDF. You can type in your information, print it off, sign it and then drop it off. I will have membership cards ready for the meeting. Please stop by the table during the break to get your 2013/2014 Membership Card.

I will have a membership list ready for distribution with the March newsletter. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email me.

Remember to bring your nametag in order to win the door prize. Congratulations to our January winners: Becky West, Helen Jorgensen and Kate Burzuk (whew, glad I remembered to wear my name tag!)

Have a wonderful month, and Happy Stitching!
Kate Burzuk