From the President

The Executive met the first week of September and there were a few items that were discussed that I need to bring to your attention. The first was a request from a potential member that the guild meetings be “fragrance free.” Now I am sure most of you have heard that term in the big, outside world where more and more people are suffering from allergies and sensitivities. Please keep this in mind when you get ready for our next guild meeting on Tuesday, September 25th.

Over time members of the community contact the Guild with various sewing/quilting requests. Last Christmas, a lady was looking for someone to make her two daughters quilts as presents two weeks before Christmas. She decided that she really did not want to buy them the promised puppy and hoped that the quilts would substitute nicely. The Guild does have a list of members who are interested in earning a little money from custom and perhaps not so custom projects and if you would like your name added to that list please contact me.

In July, Brenda Sangster organized a bus trip to Sisters, Oregon. I was on the bus and what a lovely time we had. There were a few tense moments on the bus when it overheated at the top of a mountain but everyone took it as an adventure. There was much laughing, talking and of course, shopping, when he hit the stores. The quilt shops we went to were beautiful, but then I am partial to all fabric stores. There were one or two other bus trips during the summer and I hope many of you were able to participate.

With September comes a workshop called “Art Tips for Quilters.” I have registered and I am keen. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at St. Agnes Church and maybe we can get caught up. October is close and we have a Hallowe’en Potholder exchange happening at the Guild meeting this month. I participate in these activities because I know that I will learn something. I “lost” my potholder loop 3 times before I finally figured it out. And the “unpicking” I did was almost marathon. Who would have thought that a potholder could take so long. The video I watched took only 8 minutes to make my particular choice in potholders. I was clever in that I worked on this project two weeks before the guild meeting. So I gave myself plenty of time.

On a sad note, one of our current members, Lorna Ruelle, passed away early in September. Carol Piercy forwarded me this information and said that Lorna worked in the boutique for several Guild Shows along with her pal Marilyn Sewell. Pat Gormely and Paula Wohlgemuth were also close friends with Lorna. Our condolences go out to all of her friends and family. I have a request and it is directed to everyone.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, your preference, and then sit in front of your computer and go to the Lions Gate Quilters Guild web site. Go to Quilt Shows and you will find a “Smilebox” program which Dianne Ritter has produced for pure enjoyment. WATCH IT!!!!

I shall see you on the 25th with your pot holders, name tag, guild membership card (needed for sign in), mug, money for 50/50, blank cheques or lots of cash for workshop registration or Retreat registration and lots and lots of Show and Tell.

Happy Quilting,