Featured Speakers: Shelley & Bernie Tobisch

Hello Lions Gate Quilters! Welcome back.

Have you made your Hallowe’en Potholders? I hope so. Don’t forget to bring your finished potholders to the meeting in September. Please drop them off at the Programs table before the meeting starts. We will put them on display and then at the end of the evening we will have you draw for the potholders you will take home. We will also have a draw for the leftover money we collected after paying for the supplies.

Are you going to join the TGIF Club? It’s time to start cleaning out our sewing rooms, crossing things off our lists, and getting ready for the next show. Why TGIF? Thank God It’s Finished! It has been 3 years since our last UFO challenge and I’m sure we’ve all been collecting UFO’s. Do you think they multiply like rabbits in the cupboard or are it just my projects doing this?

Register your projects ($2.00 per project) in our September, October and November meetings. Bring your finished projects and show them at monthly meetings up to and including our May From your program committee Lions Gate Quilters Guild Page 2 of 12 meeting. The draw will be made at the June meeting. Sign up your UFO’s, your PHD’s (Projects Half Done), your WISP’s (Works in Slow Progress), your TBQ’s (To Be Quilted), maybe even your PIW (Projects in Waitingthose kits you bought ages ago and have not started). This is a finish it up program not a reason to buy a new project! To be entered to win a prize your completed project must be shown during show and tell.

“Who is coming to our September meeting?” you ask.

Shelley and Bernie are coming. They’re going to talk tension, thread, needles and all sorts of things. I’m sure they’ll have some great tips up their sleeves. Please come with questions ready. I’ve taken some great courses taught by Shelley and we know they are both bursting with Bernina knowledge so take this opportunity to learn a few things and maybe have some questions answered.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the 25th. Enjoy the last few days of summer.

Andrea & Your Program Committee