Membership Report

Happy Fall! The colours of this time of year are as inspiring as they are in Spring. The yellow, gold’s, oranges and reds are so vivid and crisp. Fall is a great time to bring a friend to a meeting and for new members to join. From now until renewal in January, a new membership fee is $25.00.

Thank you everyone for coming to the membership table and signing in. For a first time, it was quite successful. We had 93 members attend according to our sign in Membership By Kate Burzuk, membership coordinator Lions Gate Quilters Guild Page 6 of 12 sheet. Currently we have 155 members in our guild.

Remember, if you are coming in the side door from the parking lot to come and sign in at the membership table. Have you made your nametag yet? I saw some really nice ones at the last meeting! If you forget yours it $1.00.

Kate Burzuk,
Membership Coordinator