Membership Report

A few changes to Membership… membership does have it’s benefits; networking with other quilters, a great place for meetings, wonderful speakers and a library full of books. But membership also has it’s price… did you know that approximately 90% of the fee covers our meeting hall, insurance, and storage. The other 10% helps to subsidize all the other things going on in our guild. In the past we have always used the honor system, that those who attend our meetings are members or first time guests; however, this is not always the case. Starting at the September meeting members will be required to sign in at the membership desk. You will also need your membership card, as it has your number on it (I will have a list of members and their numbers if you can’t find your card or forget to bring it). This is no different than showing your card at Costco.

We are also changing the door prize draws. Numbers will be drawn instead of names. The numbers will correspond to the sign in list. You will still need to be wearing your name tag to win the door prize. With regards to name tags, the fee for name tags at the membership table will be $1.00 starting at the September meeting. This is to encourage you to make a wonderful name tag that you are proud to wear at the meetings. It is also to encourage you to remember to bring your name tag. A helpful hint…. put it in your purse… you always bring your purse! To date we have 146 members in our guild. The registration fee as of the June meeting will be $50 for the year.

By Kate Burzuk,
Membership Coordinator