From the President

I love Show and Tell. And this month is probably my most favourite month for Show and Tell because we see so many, wonderful quilts that our Community Quilts Committee has helped organize and bring to a wonderful fruition. I like that word “fruition” so I looked it up in the dictionary. The first definition is “the bearing of fruit” (I could have figured that out for myself). But none the less, that makes sense. The Community Quilts Committee are like gardeners. They have bought the seeds (fabric and patterns), planted them (set time aside, rented the Hall and organized the storage locker for the supplies), and asked that guild members help nourish those little seeds (with the help of sewing machines, time and energy). Wow, and those little seeds have grown into spectacular flowers (quilts). And we must not forget that this is always a year’s long project and we can submit finished or partially finished quilts to the Community Quilts Committee and they will find a home for them. I love Community Quilts Show and Tell.

Speaking of quilts and labours of love, we will be able to see the Quilt Show Challenge Quilts this month. They will be hung for easy viewing so come a little early and take some time to really enjoy them.

I attended a Guild Gathering meeting in Delta on April 28th along with Anita JonesGould(workshops) and JoAnn Lee(programs) and I will say more about that meeting in another newsletter. I can report that it was fun exchanging ideas with about 30 other people from other guilds in the lower mainland. Minutes were taken at the meeting and I hope to receive them soon. So stay tuned.

For those members who attended the February Quilt Retreat this year we have some reimbursement money for you. Apparently, Edenvale overcharged us and so there is some cash for you at the Workshop table. Now, when you get that cash remember what Dianne Ritter, our Quilt Show Co-ordinator, said at the last meeting. She told us to save all our pennies and bills so that we can shop till we drop at the Quilt Show.

Quilt Show! Quilt Show! Quilt Show! – Yikes, Quilt Show is almost here! The committee is in full swing now and most of us are busy sewing and quilting, selling raffle tickets, talking to our friends and relatives about the Show, and saving our money so that we can fully enjoy the boutique and the merchants mall. Please read this newsletter carefully for any last minute information about the Quilt Show and important dates to mark on your calendars. I am looking forward to putting my sign on my lawn on Friday the 25th of May. I overheard some members saying that they have put some advertising posters in their car. I think I must do that also. Our website has a poster for printing and also a list of the Merchant’s Mall Vendors under the Quilt Show heading. Advertising our Show is very important so if we all do our part the entire North Shore (and perhaps the whole lower mainland) will know and attend our Show and they will all be flabbergasted at the awesomeness of our quilts. And we might even get ourselves a few new members. They are out there looking for us.

Good luck and Happy Quilting,