Upcoming Positions


As you know, our AGM is coming up in February 2018 and six Executive positions will be open for election. We hope you will give serious consideration to letting your name stand for one of them. Those of us who have done so in the past can attest to the fun we have had and the new friendships that have been made. If there is a position you think you might be interested in, make a point of finding out more about it from the person or people currently in it. You may be surprised to find out that it is not as daunting as it may first appear.

The positions open for election are:


The Vice-President takes over the duties of the President in the absence of the President. He or she also oversees the storage locker and the post office box.


The treasurer looks after all the financial business of the guild. This includes preparing year-end financial statements, filing tax returns, preparing the annual budget and presenting financial and budget details to members ahead of and at the AGM.

The treasurer prepares a monthly budget vs actuals for the monthly Executive meetings. 

The treasurer – acts as a bank signing officer and facilitates changes of signatories; handles the collection of funds by e-transfer, cheque or cash; pays all invoices by cheque; works with the technical support person to set up any forms being used to collect funds (memberships, workshops, etc.); and files financial records in the Library and in the Guild’s cloud storage. 

Communication Coordinator (formerly Newsletter Editor)

Communications is responsible for compiling the guild news, events, information etc. each month and synchronizing the posting of the information with the communications team, per the decisions made at monthly Executive meetings. The team consists of volunteers looking after the guild website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) platform hosts and may also include the tech support volunteer(s). The Communications Coordinator is responsible for sending communication alerts (once a month)  to all guild members via guild distribution email. This person is the primary contact for general inquiries and is responsible for forwarding those emails to appropriate Executive members. Communications is also the backup contact for Membership Lists when the  Membership person is not available.

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for arranging the setup of any virtual meetings with tech support volunteer(s) (if necessary).


The person responsible for the library puts out the books for each meeting and stores them away afterwards. They record books in and out, collect library fines, purchase new books for the library, cull outdated books, and organize the Annual Book Sale.


There are two Member-at-Large positions, each serving a two year term. One new Member-at-Large is elected each year. The Member-at-Large greets people arriving at guild meetings, looks after the 50/50 raffle which includes applying for the annual license, assists with Show and Tell, keeps and monitors the Suggestion/Feedback box and gives entries to the President, and is another avenue for members to communicate with the guild Executive. They also communicate congratulations or condolences to fellow guild members on behalf of the guild. In the second year of his or her term, the Member-at-Large is the Nominating Committee Coordinator for the upcoming elections.

Phones membership to look for nominees to fill vacant executive positions, plans the Feb election

Program Coordinator and Committee

The Program Coordinator and members of the Program Committee are responsible for planning the educational part of our Guild meetings. They contact speakers to determine availability and cost, and are responsible for all correspondence with them, determining if special equipment or setup is required. (A list of speakers and presenters is available from the local Guild gatherings.) Committee members assist speakers when they arrive at our meetings, and introduce them. The Program Coordinator attends the Executive meetings. Programs will already be finalized until June 2018.

The Programs coordinator also connects with Communications with all information in order to then have the information sent and posted to the communications platforms at least two weeks in advance of a Guild meeting.

The Programs Coordinator and team work with the tech support volunteer to ensure all necessary equipment is available and set up for the speaker (including virtual meeting invitations)

We have a very talented group of people in our guild. We hope you will consider sharing your talents with your guild by putting your name forward for one of these Executive positions.

“Slab” Technique by Cheryl Arkison

“Slab” Technique by Cheryl Arkison

Saturday, June 5, 2021

  • $30 for members    
  • $40 for Non-Members

Cheryl Arkison has published three books-“Sunday Morning Quilts” co-authored by Amanda Jean Nyberg, “A Month of Sunday” and “You Inspire Me To Quilt”. This workshop should work nicely with the lecture Cheryl will be giving our guild in May. So, after the lecture sort through your scraps and get ready for this fun workshop.