Hello to all guild members! We, Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen, are looking forward to our two-year term as Workshop Coordinators and we will do our utmost to provide you with fun, exciting, relevant, boundary-pushing new challenges to enhance and expand our adventures in quilting.

With that in mind, we will work on bringing new teachers and projects from within and outside our Guild.   Please, please give us feedback and voice your own wishes and ideas to us!   We will welcome all suggestions and look forward to chatting with you at guild meetings, or by email.

We have moved forward with the preliminary arrangements Jane Andrews set in motion for us, as mentioned in last month’s newsletter. Yes indeed, BARB MORTELL, former guild member, fabulous teacher and trunk show presenter and amazing quilter, is presenting a TWO-DAY WORKSHOP, and the information is noted below. It will be a rewarding prelude to those summer months when you can experiment and expand on your very own unique style. Barb’s teachings are legendary!!!

Modernizing the Log Cabin, bringing traditional ideas into the present


In this class we will be working with colour and value to switch up the traditional log cabin. By placing similar values next to each other, you create a new shape, by noticing this and pushing it in a direction you like, you create a unique improvised design. Working in this way opens doors to many new ideas and may even lead you to work in a series, which is a satisfying way to truly explore a single design idea. The log cabin block, in its simplicity, can provide you with a lifetime of exploration. Colour and value are amazing elements of design and exploring within the simplicity of the traditional and well known block log cabin will keep you on track for exploration of your own.

It’s fine to work with just black and white, or you may want to bring in a few colours like very pale pink or yellow, medium and very dark hues, or other values, like light grey, medium grey and dark grey.

Building a modern Log cabin quilt board by board, we will still follow the tradition of the log cabin block, but the end result will be your own.

Strip by strip, section by section, ideas flowing one to another, allowing the builder to create a unique modern and thoroughly updated quilt top.

Barb says “I do not want people coming with preconceived ideas, this is an experimentation class, one where people are allowed to “let go” and truly improvise, to follow the beat of their own drummer, to make something totally unique.”

Here is a photo of quilts made using Barb’s method, but remember YOUR colours, YOUR style, YOUR creativity will make your finished project unique to only YOU!

workshops 1


Place:             St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Dates:            Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27, 2017

Time:             9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:               $90.00 for two days

(NOTE: The church has a locked room available to keep your machines and supplies overnight on the Friday)

We look forward to seeing you at Guild and listening to your workshop ideas!

Susan and Helen