February Programs

For our February meeting, we welcomed Sam and Dean Winchester from the television series Supernatural, Darth Vader from Star Wars, and of all things, monsters (or aliens) in the process of invading a delightfully dotty quilt, all thanks to Stacey Murton’s trunk show. Stacey explained that she loves to try new things and will do a batch of quilts in one style or technique and then go on to the next one that inspires and excites her.

For making your own pixel quilts try an online generator such as YouPatch, which Stacey used. You can upload and work with your photo as much as you like and pay for the pattern only when you’re happy with it. http://www.youpatch.com

Stacey pointing out a detail in her ‘Little Monsters’ quilt, pattern by Australian Kellie Wulfsohn. Also shown was ‘Flower Garden’ by the same designer.

progrm 4

Many of the quilt backings were custom dyed by Ionne McCauley of Vancouver Island who, Stacey says, will colour-match any fabric sent to her.

programs las

Laurel Hickey, Programs Coordinator