From the President(s)

Happy Spring everyone! Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow…

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the meeting last month in spite of the bad weather.  We had a wonderful trunk show from Stacey Murton who showed us her quilts, from her first to most recent (I really liked her use of lettering). Last month was also our Annual General Meeting that saw the changeover of several executive positions.  As Bena mentioned in her e-mail message, Karen Cooke and I stepped forward to assume the President role for 2017-2019, Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen have agreed to take on the role of workshop coordinators, and Karen Marshall and Brenda Sangster have agreed to co-chair the Community Quilts Committee.   Many thanks to all out-going and in-coming executive members as well as all those who volunteer quietly behind the scenes.

I will keep this message short as I am late submitting, but make sure you check out the program for this month (Wei Hin Ng) and all the upcoming events.  See you soon.

Kathryn Gillis