Library News

Hi quilty friends,

I’m still coming down off the high of our quilt show! I was only able to be there on Saturday, but I had the best day! The show was beautiful. I thought the quilts were stunning, and I received the same feedback from many of our guests. It was so nice to hear that, because sometimes quilting is a bit of a solitary pursuit. It was nice to see so many friends and family attend, and be inspired by our work. I think we will have a few new members at our September meeting.

I won’t be at the June meeting, because I will be in Ontario for a wedding. I’m sorry to miss the meeting, and I’m very grateful that Jo Ann Lee has agreed to take on the library and sale duties for the meeting.

Modern Selvage Quilting: Easy-Sew Methods 17 Projects Small to Large by Riel Nason arrived a couple days after the last meeting, and it looks great. Unfortunately, it can’t be taken out just yet …

All library books must be returned at the June meeting, so we can do an inventory over the summer. Please look around and find them now, so don’t forget to bring them to the meeting. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please have a friend drop them off for you.  Remember, there is a $1 fine per book per month. All fines collected go into the budget to buy new books. I will be calling to track down books that are not returned, and I’d rather not store them in my apartment for the summer.  Don’t make me call you!

We will be having a SALE of donated books and magazines at the June meeting. Now is the time to go though your quilting library and pass on the books that no longer inspire you. Books will be sold for a donation of $1, and magazines for $0.25, with all proceeds going to buy new books for the library. (If your donated books don’t sell, please take them home at the end of the meeting as we don’t have storage space to keep them for the next sale.)

I will be adding new books to our library for the September meeting, and I will add them to our listings as soon as I order them. Browse our library listings at You can email me at to make suggestions or to place a hold on a book for September.

Have a wonderful summer!