From Your President

Many thanks to all the guild members for their support and encouragement as I chaired the April guild meeting. It’s a challenge to attempt to fill in for our president as she recuperates from knee replacement surgery but, thanks to her advance preparation of agendas, I think things are going quite smoothly. Bena ‘s recovery is going very well but physio is challenging and exhausting. With her dedication and focus on regaining mobility, her progress is well ahead of schedule. She and I are planning to get together for coffee or lunch one day this week so I will let her know we all wish her the best.

I know that all Canadians are horrified by the wildfire situation in Fort McMurray and feel heartsick for all the residents and want to do something to help. As quilters, our immediate response is to make and donate quilts. By looking on Facebook or by Googling ‘Fort McMurray fire quilts’, there are many sites organizing such efforts. By the time you read this, I hope you have received the email about the coordination efforts of Heather at Quilters Connection Magazine. However, CQA has advised that at present, the most effective way to help is by making a financial contribution to CQA will continue to reach out to their contacts and as soon as they find out that quilts are ready to be distributed, we will be advised. I’m sure many of us would like to get busy quilting so we are ready to contribute when the time is right.

From all the feedback I’ve heard, we all enjoyed the April program with Judy Villett. As someone new to quilting, I was intrigued by her ‘colour wash technique’ – maybe this might be something of interest for a future workshop. Let Jane Andrew know if this or some other project would be something to consider for next season.

Right now, I think we are all focusing on preparing for the Quilt Show. June 10 will be here before we know it – by working all together we can make the show a great success and a wonderful event to showcase the guild. Don’t forget to sell your raffle tickets – the proceeds being the major source of funding for the Community Quilts program.

In April, Debbie Barrett won the 50/50 – $51.50 (with the same amount going to Community Quilts).

I hope to see everyone at the May meeting where we will showcase many of the Community Quilts made this year and honour the volunteers who give so generously of their time.

Suzanne Patchell