Volunteer for the Guild Executive

As you know, our AGM is coming up in February and several executive positions are coming vacant. We hope you will give serious consideration to occupying one of them. Those of us who have done so can attest to the fun we have had and the new friendships that have been made. If there is a position you think you might be interested in make a point of finding out more about it from the person or people currently in it. You may be surprised to find out that it is not always as daunting as it may at first appear.

These are the positions that will be available:

Vice President
The Vice President takes over the duties of the president in the absence of the president. They also oversee the storage locker and post office box rentals.

The treasurer looks after all the money business of the guild. That business includes preparing year end financial statements, any required tax returns, preparation of draft and final budgets, and presenting financial and budget details to the AGM.

Newsletter Editor
Prepares and distributes the monthly guild newsletter for the nine months of September through November and January through June.

There are two members -at-large. Although there are two members each serving a two year term, one new member is elected each year. The members -at-large greet members arriving at guild meetings, look after the 50-50 raffle which includes applying for the annual license, assist with show and tell, and are another avenue of communicating with the executive. They also communicate congratulations or condolences to fellow guild members on behalf of the guild. In the second year of his or her term, the member-at-large is the Nominating Committee Coordinator for the upcoming elections.

The person responsible for the library puts out the books for each meeting and stores them away afterwards. They record books in and out, collect library fines, purchase new books for the library , and cull any that are outdated.

We have a very talented group of people in our guild. We hope you will consider sharing your talents with your guild.