COPS Sign-up

At the past few COPS Days, we have not had enough participants to cover the costs, therefore starting with the November COPS Day, sign up will now be required at the guild meetings. This will be similar to workshops, where you will sign up and pay ahead of time. If less than 15 people have signed up by the end of the meeting before the COPS Day, then it will be cancelled. If 15 or more have signed up then the COPS Day will go ahead and drop-ins will be welcome. If you are not able to come to the guild meeting and would like to sign up for a particular COPS Day, you can mail me a cheque for $15, payable to Lions Gate Quilters Guild (or LGQG). If you pay for a COPS day and are unable to make it, I can only refund your money if enough people show up. Many thanks to all the ‘regulars’ who show up most of the time! It’s a very fun day, so if you haven’t come before please drop in. You don’t have to stay all day, you can come and go whenever you wish.

Marsha MacKay