From the President

Our March meeting featured Robin Fisher and her wonderful design journey. Her artistic quilts were inspiring to myself and many other members. Also last month I was lucky enough to attend our guild workshop given by Shirley Prakke on Mola fabric art. The style originated with the Kuna Indians. We are all connected through our handwork.

gathering_2015aprThis month I learned about the breadth and reach of the wonderful local community of which we are a part. On April 11th, Sherry John (Workshop Committee), Betty Clarke, Genevieve Tobin (Programs) and I attended a Guild Gathering with 17 other representatives from 10 other guilds (arts, modern, traditional) in Langley. The Guilds range in size from 30 to 200+ members. We shared ideas for speakers, and teachers. TAGOR (the Textile and Arts Guild of Richmond) is the smallest guild, and invited our members to attend several of their upcoming workshops (Bonnie Hwang May 23, and Joy Kirkwood on June 27th). With only 30 members in their guild, they too are challenged to fill workshops! And a reminder to register for our upcoming workshops with Eileen Wright (Apr 24/25) and Susan Purney Mark (May 23). Of course, we had a mini show and tell.

Speaking of community, let’s all do our best to support the north shore’s only quilt store, The Stitch & Bobbin, recover from a costly and scary break-in last month. The party responsible was passed out on the store floor when Stephanie and her young son opened in the morning. Several sewing machines had been thrown across the room, and the place was trashed. The police came, the party was apprehended, and of course, the Insurance rates will rise. So let’s go shopping.

Bena Luxton,