Using Your Noodle

noodleIsn’t it interesting that as quilters we find uses for items which are not labelled “quilting accessories” nor found in a quilting store? I discovered that pool noodles are a wonderful item for transporting your quilt….no folds, and the quilt travels with this light and convenient item. I roll my quilts with the face of the quilt to the outside; this way, you do not have any wrinkling of your work and the backing is adjacent to the pool noodle. Lightly tie your rolled quilt with left over fabric strips. I also buy king size pillow cases and place the rolled quilt in them for traveling.

Pool Noodles also have the advantage that they can be cut easily to any length for smaller quilted pieces and I have stored several of my quilts rolled on these noodles.

So with the swimming season fast approaching and the stores bringing in pool noodles, now is the time to purchase them in any of the colours which suit your fancy!

R. Leslie Forbes