Well–on my daily walks through our neighbourhood in this glorious sunshine I have seen a rhododendron in full bloom, hyacinths along with daffodils and even a dandelion in bloom. It is too early to start thinking about planting our summer gardens so all we have left to do is enjoy our time quilting. And that, I can always find time to do!!

We have 99 new or renewed members signed up with the guild as of the February meeting. For those who still need to renew your membership, try out the membership form online. It is a pdf format that you can type your information right into and them print it off, sign it, and bring it along with your cheque to the March meeting.

Your membership cards will be available to be picked up at the March meeting and the new membership list will be emailed out with the April newsletter. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Remember to wear your name tag in order to win a door prize. Congratulations to our February winners: Dianne Ritter and Paula Wohlgemuth. If you forget your name tag I will have sticky tags for a donation of $1.00.

Happy Quilting!
Joan Herrin