Antique Quilts

During the February 2015 trunk show, many of the antique and vintage quilts brought by the speaker, Rita Solkin, were passed around, and we had the rare opportunity to handle them.

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Rita Solkin also invited members to bring antique and vintage quilts of their own to share. Here are two.

Suzanne Patchell (left), speaker Rita Solkin, and Anita Jones-Gould


Suzanne Patchell
This quilt was made by a distant relative, by marriage. I believe that she was born in the late 1800’s and lived well into her 90’s. When I met her she was probably in her 70’s but no one in the family knew for sure since she would never divulge her actual birth date. My recollection of her was of a woman ahead of her time—tall, snow white pageboy hairstyle, stylish, brightly coloured clothes and great chunky, costume jewelry. I think the quilt was probably made in the 1940’s from fabric from her dresses and other clothing—no doubt a measure of frugality but also a way to continue to enjoy the bright colours she loved. Even though there is some deterioration in some of the fabric, I am hoping that it will not just be discarded and can find a good home with a grandchild or great grandchild who will value the family significance.

Katherine Morgan

Katherine Morgan
This antique red and white quilt is made with the traditional “Jacob’s Ladder” block. It was made by Ada MacKenzie, who was my children’s great aunt on their father’s side. Ada was the older sister of my children’s grandmother, and had died before their father and I married, so I never met her. The family lived in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. I do not know the exact date this quilt was made, but an appraiser has judged it to be between 1890 and 1920. Some of the piecing is done by hand and some by machine, and it is hand quilted. We have very little from this side of the family, so this quilt is truly a family treasure.