Volunteers for Guild Executive Positions

Workshop Coordinator 
Jane Andrew

jane_andrew.pngAs one of four daughters to an amazing home seamstress, I learned to sew quite early on. I first started on an old treadle machine which belonged to my grandmother, then moved on to Mum’s Singer Featherweight. Although my grandmother sewed and hand quilted many quilts with “the church ladies,” my mother was more interested in garment sewing, and encouraged us in that vein. My sisters have all quilted for years, but I didn’t come to it until maybe three or four years ago. Now that I’m (mostly) retired and have more time, I just love to create quilts! The colors, designs, fabrics . . . wow! I have so much fun locked away in my sewing room!

Member At Large
Becky West

In my teens and twenty’s I did a lot of dressmaking for myself, along with children’s clothes, for my two nieces. Also it seems I have always been doing some needlework since school days and have completed a lot of needlepoint and cross stitch. About 20 years ago, after admiring her quilting work, a friend finally convinced me to try quilting and of course, I have been hooked ever since. I mostly like to work on traditional scraptype quilts, the more fabrics the better. However, I enjoy all aspects of this art form and always marvel at the many different styles and forms of quilting, which keeps evolving. I have been a member of the Lion’s Gate Quilt Guild for 15 years plus and look forward to working as a Member at Large.

Paulette Morton

paulette_mortonSince the guilds inception in 1994 there have been numerous past and current members who have volunteered to take on an executive position. Often I think with some trepidation but I am sure most have ended their terms feeling fulfilled and inspired by the experience as have I.

The day my grandmothers treadle sewing machine arrived was the day I started sewing. Since then I have tackled everything from costumes, bridal gowns, drapes and upholstery but quilting is still new to me. I have learnt so much from the myriad talents and abilities of the members of this guild that so often has me in awe. I am looking forward to another term on the LGQG as your secretary.

Membership Coordinator
Joan Herrin

I began quilting in earnest when I retired in 2003. At that time I enrolled in a beginner’s quilting class with Jackie Thaysen at the Cloth Shop. That was quickly followed by enrolling in a class with Dolores Bell at Thread Bear. At the conclusion of those classes Dolores convinced me to join the quilt guild. And from there it has been many hours of ‘happy stitching’ with very little ‘bitching’. Quilters are great people and always good company!

A few years later the guild was looking for a workshop coordinator to look after a number of workshops that were already booked and planned. I thought ‘I can help with that’ and signed on. Little did I know that the executive at the time was not going to let me off the hook so easily. I continued with workshops for four years and it was an amazing way to get to know the members of the guild and feel like I was a part of something.

However, I still haven’t learned my lesson so I have been your Membership Coordinator for the past year while completing the previous coordinator’s two year term and I would be happy (crazy?) to continue in this role over the next two years. With the help of Laurel Hickey, our newsletter editor, we have used Excel to put the membership file into a spreadsheet and that has made life very easy indeed.