From the President

Let me tell you about the Lions Gate Quilters Guild Executive. It is made up of 11 members who basically run the guild for us. There is the President who kind of knows what is going on overall. I chair the monthly meetings and the monthly Executive meetings. We have a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. We have two members who oversee our Workshops and our monthly meeting Programs. Then there is the Membership Coordinator and our Librarian. Our Members-at-Large sell 50/50 tickets, help with Show and Tell, and generally keep an eye on everyone, their health and their general well being. Our Newsletter editor keeps everyone informed as to upcoming Programs, Workshops and general guild activities. WHAT A GREAT BUNCH OF PEOPLE !! And just as we get into a groove of working together an AGM comes along and about half of the Executive change. Each term last two years. This year the President is leaving along with one Member-at-Large and our Workshops Co-ordinator. We are lucky enough to have our Secretary, Paulette Morton, and our Membership gal, Joan Herrin, volunteer to stay on for another term. We already have two volunteers to fill the positions of Workshops and Member-at-Large. You can read their bios in this newsletter.

These members, our Executive, take care of the whole guild but they need guidance and one person is needed to oversee all things and that person is the President. Now, that may sound a little overwhelming but there is help out there. When I first became President I read over the guild Constitution and the Calendar of Executive Tasks. These two documents were invaluable and the guild runs so very smoothly with them guiding us. Whoever agrees to accept the role of President will have such awesome support from the rest of the Executive the job will indeed be very rewarding. Mind you, there is some time required in running the guild and organizing agendas, etc. and the President does get a fair number of emails but you get used to that. Enough said.

Maureen Wood was our speaker at the January meeting and if you still want to purchase a pattern you saw or even a kit, you can contact Maureen just by googling her name. That is what I did when I realized just who I could make the Tea Time Placemats for as a gift next Christmas. She is very accommodating and she has mailed me my pattern and I have already sent her my cheque.

Because we do have a great Program at our February AGM meeting I want the business portion of our meeting to move along as quickly as possible. All Budget information and Motions which will be presented at the AGM have already been sent out by our Newsletter editor. Please read these documents and if you have any concerns or questions please email our Treasurer  or myself  and we will answer your questions as best we can. This will help our meeting move smoothly along.

Besides business we are also going to take time to acknowledge all of those members who have helped run the guild. Because of all of this activity we may NOT have time for Show and Tell. Bring your work but please beware that you may have to take it home and then bring it back next month. Rita Solkin has asked if any members have antique quilts to bring those so hopefully we will have a little show and tell from our members.

As usual please wear your nametags, bring a mug and lots of loose change for the 50/50 tickets and for visiting FVQG raffle quilt tickets. Return your library books and remember to pay your library fines. Come prepared to participate and enjoy our Annual General Meeting followed by a lovely and informative Program.

And please give me a phone call if you want to find out more about the President’s job. I guarantee you will enjoy it just because you are surrounded by such helpful, creative, funny, smart and supportive individuals. I miss them already.

Happy Quilting