Christmas Quilts Delivered

cq_2015janHappy New Year, everyone.

We had a busy December. On December 8 we finally delivered 29 single bed quilts to the New Hope Center at Lions Gate Hospital, and I apologize for not taking a picture of the piles on their dining room tables but they will do much to brighten and jazz up the plain rooms. They were received with profuse thanks by Joanne McClelland of the Lions Gate Foundation. On December 19 we delivered 10 Christmas themed quilts to LGH Intensive Care Nursery which were gladly received by staff, who stated they would let the parents of the twins and premies in residence have their pick. We started giving baby Christmas quilts in 2013, so this was our second year for this donation.

Please remember to mark your calendar for Community Quilt Days. Thursday March 5 is ‘set up’ day with some precutting and kit making. Sewing, layering, and more kit-making days are Friday March 6, 9:30-5 and Saturday March 7, 9:30-3. All help gratefully accepted, a most pleasant and helpful way to get to know the other guild members and see the wonderful quilts we create. We will have signup sheets at the January and February meetings. Hope you can join us!