From the President

September is shaping up to be a lovely warm, sunny month and some of you may still be travelling or gardening and getting as much outdoor time as you can. Good for you. And some of our members are busy in their sewing rooms no matter what the cost to the housework that needs doing. I am in the latter category. I hope all of you have had a restful and enjoyable summer. I look forward to seeing you all on the 4th Tuesday of September. The fourth Tuesday of September is on the 23rd of the month. This is a reminder because there are 5 Tuesdays in September and it would be very sad to miss a meeting.

We are going to be having a little more Quilt Show business that did not get taken care of in June and Dianne Ritter, our Quilt Show Chair, will be able to join us. She is on the mend but has a little ways to go yet before she is her full energetic self. So, go very easy with the hugs. Be gentle with her.

Your Executive met on the 2nd of September to discuss upcoming activities and I am getting excited already about the Programs and Workshops we have scheduled. Please read through this entire Newsletter to see what is going to be happening. You will not want to miss out on anything. Those of you who are registered for the Bali Bags & Bowls workshop in November should really start to do your prep work now. November may seem far, far away but trust me, you need to start to do the prep now!!

Stitch and Bobbin is the new name of our only North Shore quilt shop and I hope all of our members have had a chance to visit with Stephanie Perrins, the new owner. There is an excellent article about the shop in the Fall 2014 issue of Quilter’s Connection Magazine written by Tricia Sherman. And our library may have the magazine processed by our October meeting and ready to borrowed.

There is another Guild Gathering meeting on Saturday September 27th in Langley. This group meets twice a year and sometimes there are up to 15 different guilds represented. I will be going and I would enjoy the company of other guild members. Please email me or talk to me at the September meeting if you would like to go.

We are having a kind of “Garage Sale” program during the November meeting. At the Executive meeting we discussed holding off on the free table for the September and October meetings. Save all of your stuff and bring it in November. We could have a table or two of Free stuff or you might want to put a bit of a price on your treasures. Shopping – such fun!

A reminder to wear your name tags; bring a coffee mug and any extra goodies you have accumulated in your freezers from all of your summer entertaining; cash for 50/50 tickets; any found, overdue library books and cash to pay the fines; and lots and lots of Show and Tell.

Happy Quilting,