Call for Quilts: West Van Library

Our guild has a wonderful opportunity to hang a small show at the West Vancouver Library in the New Year. Krista Hennebury and Carol Piercy will coordinate. The theme is “Log Cabin” – traditional, modern, art, variations ….. we hope for a good variety. It can be a new or pre-shown quilt (as long as it is clean and free of stains). The library will support the show with display cases of quilting books and archival photos of log cabin homes in West Van. They are very excited! Here are the details:

  • The show runs Jan 14 – Mar 10, 2015.
  • Quilts must be completed by December 1 as we need a firm inventory list with Artist, Title, Price (if it is for sale), Size and Medium info by then.
  • Quilts need to be hung on a dowel with a screw eye in either end (dowel supplied by you – we’ll get some screw eyes so we all aren’t getting a package).
  • Sleeve does not have to be 4”
  • We’ll all share the small cost of other hanging equipment.
  • Quilts can be offered for sale by the owner, the library takes a 15% commission and will coordinate buyer and artist to communicate directly with each other.
  • As you can see below, there is lots of available space, but nothing for a bed quilt length. A bed quilt could perhaps be hung sideways though…
  • If you’d like to see the space, just go visit the West Van library.
  • If you have not already let us know you are interested in participating, please let us know now. We will open up space for other guilds if we don’t have enough LGQG participants by October 1.
  • We’d appreciate a photo of your quilt(s) and sizes whenever you have them or an idea of what you are making and how it’s going so that we can pre-plan hanging the show.

Sizes of available spaces:

  1. 8’4” x 48” – main floor, north wall west, near circulation desk
  2. 6’7” x 78” – main floor, north wall center
  3. 11’4” x 78” – main floor, north wall east near reading room
  4. 11’8” x 78” – main floor, south wall
  5. 4 areas on walls by stairwells – about 40” x 48”
  6. 11’5” x 48” – lower floor behind information desk
  7. 2’ x 78” – lower floor, north wall west of info desk
  8. 3’1” x 78” – lower floor, north wall center
  9. 9’3” x 48” – lower floor, east alcove
  10. 9’ x 48” – lower floor, west alcove
  11. 11’7” x 48” – lower floor, south wall
  12. Possibility to hang quilts on slatted wall as well (12’) – lower floor

If we have too many quilts, obviously not all will be able to be hung. Bear in mind that they will be handled, and not with white gloves. Thanks so much – here’s hoping for a good turnout!

Please contact Krista or Carol through the guild membership list if you have any questions.